Friday, March 19, 2010

And swino-o was it's name-o!

What? You thought the fl.u was gone? Not so! Apparently it's alive and well in a small town in the NW region of my state. I was fortunate enough to visit there for an audit and come across it. On a good note I had been smart and got the vaccine in January just in case one of the petri dishes, I mean kiddos, in a clinic passed it on to me. Good thing.

If you have the vaccine it makes the respiratory part much more mild but the GI part, not so much. Imagine if you will not being able to breathe through your nostrils and then having a sudden urge to be sick, act on that urge and loose all ability to breathe because:
A) said nose is plugged
B) mouth is occupied with 'other things'

I almost blacked out twice from lack of oxygen. I don't think I've ever been so sick that I had to take a full week off of work until now. Hammer, on the other hand, is so hopped up on vitamins and wheat grass he hasn't even had a sniffle all season. I'm actually really grateful though because one high fever would set him back far worse than if I had one. But it does mean that we're out this cycle for trying naturally.

I even worked my butt off to get home from that infested clinic early so that I would be home when I ovulated. And I did, and we did..."it," but after the week I've had it would be a miracle if anything survived down there. Oh well. On a good note tomorrow is Spring! And I'm almost ready to come out of swine-o hibernation so I can enjoy it. And that means April is almost here and then May and then...IVF #3!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fast or Slow, I Can't Decide

I happened to look at the IVF countdown and was hit with a mix of emotions. First came shock that in almost 2 months we will be starting our 3rd and final cycle. How did time move by so quickly? And then I started thinking about what all has to happen in between now and that cycle and it seems like forever away. How can I have two wholly different emotions over the same amount of time? I'm excited to try again but scared because it's our last time. I want more time to try naturally but am frustrated that natural is still not working and want to get to IVF. Oh if you all could read my mind right now you all would be totally confused too, I'm sure. I think overall I'm afraid to hope and scared that we could have a repeat of last time but excited for the opportunity to try...yep, still confused. *sigh*