Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After getting some positive feed back from the andrologist we decided to make an appointment for a second opinion.  So I finally made the call and it's set for June 13th, the day after our 7th anniversary.  Nothing more romantic than having a complete stranger check out your who-ha right after celebrating the day of your wedding.  Seriously though, this was the only date that worked out with Hammer's travel.  Plus it's a good excuse at work to take a day off without raising too much suspicion.  We're keeping this one very quiet since nothing may come of it depending on what we hear. 

When I called I had to give our history to the nurse and I totally started crying when I had to discuss our last miscarriage.  She was very sweet on the phone and ended up changing the RE she was going to schedule us with saying that the new RE would be better with 'unique' stimulation cycles and has a background in early miscarriage.  I also mentioned that we were working with an andrologist and when I mentioned his name she had nothing but the nicest things to say.  She also said that she would give me a form to send to them so that they would request our records from the RE so that we would not have to interact with them.  So far things have been positive, let's cross our fingers that this continues.

One set back though is that Hammer had a very high fever on Mother's Day, like 102+ temperature.  That means if we do anything it cannot be until the end of July or early August as we are out a whole sperm cycle.  It's a bummer but I'm not going to worry about it because I can't.  We might not even end up doing anything regardless so worrying is just not worth it. 


kdactyl said...

It sounds like getting the 2nd opinion is a really good idea. It is always good to have a future plan. Sorry about the fever...but we all know how long these things take from start to finish so the timing may end up being okay.

I keep praying for a natural miracle and I really have good vibes about the new RE. Good luck.

Miss Megan said...

Good luck today! Make sure to update us to what your 2nd opinion has to offer =). And Happy Anniversary!!

kdactyl said...

Today is the day....I have been thinking of you and hoping your consult today goes really well. Good luck!

And...hope your anniversary was wonderful!