Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cycle Day 1

Well after much confusion, Aunt Flow has officially arrived and I am scheduled for my cycle day 3 ultrasound. I think that 'irritation' confused her a bit but nonetheless she is here and we are ready to get started. I will also be incorporating the Circle and Bloom relaxation tracks as part of our cycle treatment in addition to our regular acupuncture. So for the next three days I will be thinking quiet thoughts for my ovaries. *Shhh* Be very, very quiet so that we can get this thing going.

P.S. I had a question about the IM shots; there will be no PIO this cycle as we will be using the suppositories and Ovidrel is subq so my tushy is completely spared :0)

OK, now for some quiet thoughts....


Hillary said...

Praying for you and your cycle!

kdactyl said...

Yay for no PIO...I have done both the shots and the suppositories...and I actually preferred the shots...suppositories are MEESSSSYYYY....but yay for no bum bruises! Congrats on cycle day 1. I'm so excited and hopefull for this cycle for you.