Friday, May 29, 2009

And It Only Get's Busier...

Whew! What a week this has been. Yesterday was completely non-stop as far as infertility treatment goes. It started with filling and starting our prescriptions for antibiotics and my birth control pills on Tuesday. Then I got a call from the fertility pharmacy later in the day confirming my insurance and filling me in on my estimated start date of June 8th (whoops!) Wednesday my RE's nurse called to set up my date for going over our IVF calendar and drugs, which ended up being the very next day. So on Thursday for my lunch hour I speed over to their office and met with my nurse. She flew through the calendar so fast I thought my head was going to spin. So when she asked me if I had any questions, my only response was, "can you repeat that one more time?"

And to make things more fun I used the last few minutes of my break to swing by a local pastry shop and pick up a treat for a going-away party at work (which I totally slacked on doing the night before). And I arrived only 5 minutes over my break time, I'm so impressed with myself.

Later in the day the pharmacy called with my fee for the drugs. She told me that my insurance didn't cover two of the drugs: Bravelle and Novarel. And then she told me how much it would cost us. I made her repeat it three times because of the sticker shock. I was totally not expecting to pay close to $2,000. When I talked to my prescription insurance company they said that they cover almost 100% depending on the drugs. My RE picked the only two drugs that they don't cover, and it's a really expensive conflict. But at that point there was no way I could fix it because we were running into the weekend and it would mess up getting my drugs on time. Since the fertility pharmacy called me past my RE's office hours I could not get anything fixed until Friday and the shipment would hit the weekend. It completely stinks but I keep thinking that it could still be worse, I could have no drug coverage and have to pay for everything out of pocket. Sigh. Friday (today) I set up my work days so I would be all set for the next few weeks and be able to get to all the appointments. So we're ready to go for IVF.

In the meantime, Hammer and I decided that what we need is a weekend get away. Our five year anniversary is June 12. So we made plans to head to Mac.kinac Island for the lilac festival that weekend. And I am stocking up on fudge. (They make the BEST fudge there!) So even though it seem extravagant to drop a ton of money on IVF and then head out on a vaca, life has been so stressful lately that we think it's well worth it.

Current Meds: BCP (week 1), antibiotics (1 week dose)
Side Effects: nausea in the morning
Days Post Transfer: 0
# Eggs Transfered: 0
# Eggs Frozen: 0


Hillary said...

Yes, a vacation sounds wonderful -- you have to celebrate your 5 year anniversary! Glad things are moving forward -- I'm so excited for your IVF cycle to start!

Shannon said...

I cant even tell you how excited I am for you that the IVF process is underway! Im going to be praying like crazy for you.

My mouth is watering just thinking about fudge from Mackinac, enjoy yout trip!

Meant to be a mom said...

How exciting! I'm so happy your starting the process.
Yikes those meds are so expensive I know. Our insurance never covered a dime of our three years of infertility drugs so I know how you feel.
As far as your gettway. Enjoy, you two deserve it after all thats been going on with your dad, and your fertility and everything else. Have fun!

osuraj said...

IVF is deserve a good pampering!