Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big Day is Here

Sorry for the hiatus but I've been spending my evenings with my dad and away from my laptop. It's been wonderful! Even though it has been a rough week of chest tubes and getting a 1/2 gallon of fluid off of my dad's right lung it has done worlds of good for him. He has made great recovery strides and is now ready for his surgery tomorrow. I have enjoyed the extra time with him, catching him up on the weeks he's missed, and having our whole family together again.

On a cool side note, when my dad had his cardiac attack he was out training for the biking Cure de Tour for diabetes with a local company team. My dad was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was just 16 years old so it is near and dear to our hearts. We found out today that the team made my dad the Honorary Co-captain of the team and they are biking in his honor. They had reached their original goal of $10,000 in donations and are now adding an additional $5,000 that will be specifically donated in my dad's name.

My dad's surgery time is not nailed down yet but will be either at 7:30 am or 11:45 am if you would like to pray for him and the skills of the surgeon who will be doing the surgery. Thank you all so much for lifting up my family in prayer these last few weeks!

On a fertility note: We are in the last week of the two week wait. Hammer and I will make a decision about IVF after this weekend when we see how Daddy Hammer does. We may start the process in about a weeks time or hold off one more month until all the stress decreases a bit around here.

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Shannon said...

Praying that the surgery went good and will be checking in for an update...