Saturday, September 19, 2009

Delayed Return

Sorry for the additional days off the blogosphere but life has been crazy. Both of our computers were in the shop which made posting impossible. Our home computer is back but we basically had to erase everything on it and are slowly loading our things back onto it. Fortunately we were able to get off all our important things first.

We had a great time on vacation in South Carolina. It was so nice to visit my brother-in-law's family, sleep in all day, and just lie around on the beach. I have pictures but we are still working on loading all of our digital camera software.

Going on vacation really made the time on BCP go super fast. And because it was so crazy when I went back to work, this week went by even faster. I started my 10u of Lupron on Sunday Sept 13th. My RE agreed to do a TSH so I had to wait until Monday the 14th because we didn't return home until late on Sunday. I think that worked out well because your TSH levels increase with higher levels of estrogen. So having been on the BCP for 2 weeks I was able to get my body back to it's 'normal' levels after the lingering estrogen lowering effects of the lupron from the last IVF cycle. My lab result was 2.93 and I have been over my clinic's cut off level of 2.5 on more than one occasion. But now they finally decided to treat me. (Maybe because our last IVF cycle failed?) So Friday I started on synthroid and I'm very happy about this. I think I'll have to be persistent about getting another TSH check mid stims and then 7 days post retrieval when estrogen levels sky rocket. I refuse to get as far as we did last time only to have my TSH levels effect implantation. It's the one thing that's never been addressed even though I've asked about it several times. So my hope is that this cycle we can do absolutely everything possible to make it a success.

I started acupuncture this week as well. My protocol is to go twice a week for three weeks so that the last week is at the beginning of starting the stims. Then I go on the day of transfer right before and immediately after. She does electro-acupuncture in the beginning so each needle is hooked up to a low electric current that is supposed to increase blood flow and super simulate my ovaries so that they respond well to the stims. After last cycle where I almost didn't make enough follicles I am really hoping that adding this in as well as more Bravelle and Luvaris will have a much better outcome.

I take my last two BCP this weekend so this coming week will just be lupron (10u), synthroid and waiting for AF to arrive. The good news is that I really didn't get nauseated as much on the BCP this time as compared to last so it's been a much better experience. I'm feeling much more positive about stimming this cycle but am also trying to be realistic with the number of follicles to expect.


JB said...

Well, I;m living proof that you never know what you can end up with follicle-wise from one cycle to the next. I am starting to think that monitoring by u/s is a lot like weather forecasting...mostly good guesses.

I'm not sure if checking TSH in such short intervals will help much overall, but for the shorter term you could push for it. For the long-term, you are supposed to stick with a dose for several months before changing it (it can take a while for the endocrine feedback loop to settle.) But for the short-term goal of getting it under 2 for IVF, make 'em draw blood! It might be good to have them check free T3 as well as T4, since the conversion of T4 to free T3 is what really counts.

Tabitha said...

I've always wanted to try acu...but I can't afford it! I hope AF arrives soon so we can get this party started! I'll be praying for you!!!

Hillary said...

Sounds like everything is starting off nicely. Glad you got your TSH checked -- I hope the new med helps with the cycle!

jvwaiting said...

So glad to hear you had a nice time certainly helps to remove yourself from the day to day and just relax! Good for you for pushing for the to check your TSH - nothing worse then thinking in the back of your head "if only I had..." If there is anything we learn in the process, it is to be our own advocates and fight for what we feel is necessary. Hope you are feeling well!!!

Brittney said...

I just started acupuncture and am absolutely loving it. Our insurance doesn't cover it but I do think it's worth the cost - I've heard great things about how it helps with IVF. You'll be in my prayers:)