Monday, September 21, 2009

Holy Toledo!

***Updated: link corrected***

Have you heard about the IVF cycle gone awry recently? The incident happened just a few hours away from where I live but I guess the clinic that they go to is in another state than where the family lives. But just to clarify it is NOT our clinic. But certainly this is not some thing one wants to think of before starting IVF#2.

I heard about it on our local news and guess what? Dr. Evil Women RE was on the TV being interviewed and reporting that our clinic never has had an issue and the reporter was IN OUR LAB covering the story. Of course all I was thinking about was I could not believe Dr. Evil spoke so much or seemed so sad about the situation. She barely said one word to me and tried to run out of the room before explaining what was on the ultrasound. Such a faker.

Regardless of Dr. Evil RE, I really do feel bad for this family. But I am glad to hear that they decided to carry the baby and give him to his parents. Who knows why these things happen but they really are giving that family a gift in a very strange way. Maybe that other family would never have been able to carry their son any other way. Hopefully their surrogate, she cannot try to carry any more of their snow babies, will give them a gift as well. And imagine what a connection she will have with her surrogate after having gone through this. All I know is that I'd be asking that clinic for a full FET refund and discount on the future surrogate's transfer.


osuraj said...

The link is broken for this, I want to know the story...I missed it!

Waiting said...

Yes! I would love to read the story! But it sounds HORRIFYING! I can't believe stuff like that can happen. I know we are humans and we all make mistakes, but double, triple, and quadruple checking wouldn't hurt!

JB said...

Scary stuff. How heartbreaking must that be? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

my heart breaks for the lady carrying the baby. How hard this must be for her?! I admire her for making the decision.

Shannon said...

That story was sad, heartbreaking, inspiring- I cant even imagine.

I've been praying like crazy for you, hope you're doing ok.

Waiting said...

It was even wose than I thought! UGH! I can't even imagine how terrible that would be!