Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was honored to receive this award from three amazing IF bloggers, two of which have been blessed with their miracles: Mandy @ Oh, baby!, Waiting (private blog), and Nicole @ Anonymous Infertility Confessions (private blog). Thank you soooo much ladies!

The award comes with the following rules:
1) Thank the person(s) who nominated you for this award
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3) Link to the person(s) who nominated you for this award
4) Tell us 7 interesting things about you
5) Nominate 7 bloggers and link to their blogs

7 Fun Facts About Mrs. Hammer

1) I met Mr. Hammer while living in Colorado for a summer. We both went out there for a church summer leadership program from our respective campus churches. Amazingly we were both from the same state. We had to travel almost 1,500 miles to find each other but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

2) I sing back up vocals at our church. In fact that is how Mr. Hammer and I got to really know each other. He is a drummer and we would hang out during rehearsals when we were in Colorado during our summer church service. Being in our church band is one of the fun things we continue to do as a couple.

3) I grew up with monkeys as pets. Well to clarify, my dad is a vet who specializes in primates. He worked with our local zoo to help raise a species of endangered tamarin monkeys whose mother's had abandoned them. We had to raise them in our home because of the constant care that these little guys needed. These baby monkeys literally fit in the palm of your hand and we had to feed them with an eye dropper. Once they reached about a year old they had to be returned to the zoo but there would eventually be another set of babies that needed our care. What I didn't realize at the time was that my dad was the first person to successfully hand raise tamarins. Super cool!

4) One of my favorite sweet treats is fudge. I LOVE it.

5) One of my favorite places is Mack.inac Island where I can indulge in said fudge.

6) I'm one of those girls that enjoys playing video games. And not the silly games that are on the Wii [hence we don't own a Wii] but I don't care for the first person shooter games. (Since I don't know too many women who like video games I'm not sure if you know what I'm referring too so I won't go on).

7) One of the hardest vices I've had to give up has been caffeine but this coming August (if I can hold out) I will be one year free of it. I'm actually really proud of myself but I have to admit I've been tempted on occasion.

And now for the nominees:

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Hillary said...

Thanks for the award! That is so neat about the monkeys, and that your did was the first to do that. :)