Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well I know almost for sure that this cycle is a bust, I think. Actually I'm not really sure what to think. I THINK today is 14 days past ovulation so I THINK I should be getting my period either today or tomorrow. I really need this cycle to start on time for a couple of reasons.

1) I have to get a day 3 FSH prior to starting my BCP. Doesn't seem like a big deal except that I have two acupuncture appointments this week and we're leaving for Canada on Thursday. If AF doesn't come on time I'll either have to cancel one of my appointments or figure out if there is a lab near the boarder that will take my insurance. I might just call my RN once AF arrives and ask exactly how necessary the FSH is at this point.

2) Hammer and I were invited to stay in Marco Island with his aunt in October. Our concern is that if we don't start this cycle on time we'll end up missing out on the trip because our transfer will be that same week. Obviously the transfer is the priority but who wouldn't want to spend their 1 -1 1/2 week wait by lying on a beach.

Right now I don't feel at all like I'm going to start soon and that is making me quite nervous. I even had a script for but my RE did say that if I O'd on the script my body would still be controlling when my period started. Basically, I'd be in this situation with or without having taken the *sigh*

Dear Ute,

Please, for once, cooperate with me. I'd like to think that you would want to get this show on the road as much as the rest of me. I know these past few months haven't been easy and what I'm about to do to you might end up in 9 months of housing a small human but if you read your job description you'd notice that was part of the deal any way. I can't promise that you won't go through another miscarriage (which was not fun for either of us) but if it works it will be worth it. What I can promise is that I'll never turn you into the octo-ute.


Mrs. Hammer


Hope said...

I used to be able to predict to the minute when AF would come, but now she never shows when I want her to and she always seems to be interfering with a trip. Your letter to your ute cracked me up. Hopefully AF won't show at all for you and this is it!!!

Andrea said...

Ugh! I so feel you on this one!!!
If it makes you feel any better, I'm at the end of the 2ww also and am expecting that unwelcome visitor tomorow or Monday. What a bummer!

Here's to praying that IF Flo shows she isn't tardy and doesn't wreck your plans. However, I pray she doesn't show at all :) Keep the faith.


Hillary said...

Yes, PLEASE cooperate, Mrs. Hammer's AF! Show up right on schedule without complicating things...thanks!

Amber said...

I hate how not only does IF control our hearts and minds it controls our schedules too. In July we had our vacation and i was worried about our IUI falling on the week of vacation. (We went to Colorado). I don't know if you could call this fortunate or not but I had cyst which required me to take BCP so it worked out nice.