Monday, February 16, 2009

Dr. Troy

So our Chiropractor appointment today was...interesting. Both Hammer and I had our appointment together. Apparently when the doctor came in and interviewed us for a couple of minutes he said that we were totally in sync. He was impressed that after going through almost three years of infertility that we still were so connected as a couple. That part was really cool and I know that God has totally used this trial to draw us closer together. So for a complete stranger to notice was pretty awesome. He also asked us if we were Christians and if we had been prayed over, wow. I totally didn't expect that but it was pretty cool too.

He did an analysis of Hammer's back which we both thought would be totally messed up from his years of drum line and a history of a bulging disk. Surprisingly he was in relatively good shape. In fact the doctor said that he really just needed a few adjustments (like two or three) and that would be it.

On the other hand, I, apparently, am a complete mess. Excellent. I have an issue with my top cervical vertebrae which he says is twisted and tilted. And I also have an issue with my sacral vertebrae which is also tilted, just in the opposite direction. He was very confident that even if his adjustments could not help us get pregnant before IVF it would prepare us for a successful IVF cycle. He even teased that Troy was a very good name if we had not already picked our favorites. I have been promised much over the last few years so you can believe that I'm going to be skeptical until I see two lines, and I'm not talking about on a OPK.

He did say that as he does adjustment on my lower sacral vertebrae that I may have dreams of unhappy events from my past. This is the part where the Whodo-voodoo doctor warning light came on. But then he said that I had to stop drinking diet even the caffeine free kind. He would not say why, which bothers me a bit, but just that it was addictive. But I told Hammer that I would do this for him so I'm going all in.

I just find it odd that it always ends up being me with the undiagnosed health problems that causes me to be poked and prodded twice as much as Hammer. The guy doesn't exercise and only eats healthy because I make him and I'm the one with the health issues. Seriously? I'm feeling a, "It's so unfair" pity party coming on. Well I guess if I didn't exercise or eat right I'd be in even worse shape, right? Ugh.


Hillary said...

lol at the voodoo doctor warning light. I don't know what to make of all of the alternative treatments out there....this is the first I have heard of a chiropractor helping fertility?!? How??

Mrs. Hammer said...

Great question: How is a Chiropractor supposed to help with infertility?, well....see...there's a...hang on.

I honestly don't know. There is no research into benefits of Chiropractics on fertility. There is more research into the benefits of acupuncture, which I have done and love. Hammer had a friend who had gone through infertility, when to a Chiropractor and they got pregnant. He asked us to try this before IVF so here we are. I just get leery when some one quotes me a 50-70% success rate with infertile couples because if it were that effective then more people would be doing it.

He said something about one of my vertebrae that was messed up was the biggest one related to infertility. My skeptical mind immediately though, "Well of course it is! That will be $3,000 and I'm still not going to be pregnant" but I kept my mouth shut, for Hammer.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

when i saw the title, dr. troy, i thought this would be a post about the show nip/tuck. silly me!

i go to the chiro about every 7-10 days and LOVE it. i carry all my stress in my back and it has really helped.