Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spreading Grace 040-047

So I'm trying to catch up on my Spreading Grace and I DO have a lot to be thankful for this week. While I might not be able to list all 5 for each day I'll just put down the big ones that stick out.

1. Hammer's thumb being ok after a nasty run in with a broken glass - he was putting away the dishes, had a glass in either hand, dropped one and attempted to catch it using the other hand (with the glass still in it). When two glasses collide together = shattered glass everywhere. I was pulling shards of glass out of both of his hands and we debated going to the ER for stitches and instead opted for the super glue technique.
2. A big union meeting about the air quality issues - hopefully we'll get this resolved but for now they've been too scared to work on my floor (and we haven't felt sick all week, hmmm....)
3. Meeting friends again for knitting at Chocolate Cafe - oh yes, it is as good as it sounds
4. A day away from work at a Skills Building Conference - boring but better than the office
5. O'ing on Tuesday - right on schedule!
6. Our dog groomer - seriously, she comes to our house and grooms the dog in a trailer. He does so much better knowing he's just outside of our home. And he looks so cute!
7. Our IVF appointment - (see previous post)
8. Passing out early on Friday - I apparently needed sleep as I crashed at ~8:30 pm and didn't wake up until 7:30 am the next day
9. My cute card that Hammer made even though his thumb was still injured - we have a rule that we make gifts for each other on V-day. I made magnates with different photos of our doggie for him to use at work.
10. We went out to a movie, Taken - since we've been saving for infertility treatments we don't get out too often these days so this was much needed. And we did a matinee for only $3.50 a piece!
11. Our dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant - soo yummy!
12. Going out for ice cream after dinner and discovering that they had a V-day special - $1.00 cones; very generous cones too!
13. Dog sitting for my parents - their puppy is so cute and she is Moses' girlfriend so he kinda had a V-day weekend as well.
14. Those Hulu commercials - they crack me up, especially the part where the guy's brain is turning to mush and they do that awkward laughing exchange. It's so weird it's funny.
15. Knowing that I have Monday off - whooo hooo!

Hammer and I have our Chiropractic appointment on Monday as well so I'll try to update on how that goes. Also I have been thinking about changing my blog name. I don't really like the name I picked that much but just could not think of anything creative at the time. Here are some thoughts but feel free to suggest any names if you'd like.

Possible new names:
1. Expect Miracles (then if we get our BFP I can change it to 'expecting a miracle' plus I've made that my theme/mantra for this year)
2. Baby Steps
3. Praying for our Positive

Any suggestions?


Shannon said...

I like that you and DH make one another cards/gifts, thats cute!

Where did you get ice cream at? Was it Graeters? That place is one of my fave things about Columbus :)

And your blog title? Im no help, I lack all creativity but I do like "Expect Miracles" It focuses on the positive of the journey and a baby is a miracle so, yeah, I like that one

osuraj said...

Mrs. Hammer are you in C-bus? I saw Shannon's post above and then I noticed the Chocolate Cafe. I'm in C-bus too. What doc are you going to for your IVF appt? Just curious.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

how was taken? we have be wanting to see that.

i like expect miracles. but, i like expecting a miracle even more!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

My favorite new blog name would be "Expect Miracles" and then "Expecting a Miracle". I've heard "Praying for a Positive" before, and although "Baby Steps" is super cute, "Expect Miracles" has more spiritual meaning behind it, as you faithfully anticipate what God is going to do in your life.