Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What A Tease!

So Thanksgiving came and went without a visit by Aunt Flow. She didn't call to let me know she'd be late so we all got excited that maybe she would skip the holidays this year. Oh how we all were fooled. She arrived fashionably late early Sunday morning. The only benefit is that she stayed for only two days, yes I said two days. That's the one benefit of clomid, it scares dear Flow off early.

So when I talked to the nurse about scheduling our fifth and final IUI, ROADBLOCK! Apparently the only day I can do the u/s is the 10th but I'm out of town for work that day. I have no way around it. They can't schedule it for any other day because I make massive eggs by cycle day 11 and letting me go one more day may mean I'd ovulate on my own. Then we'd miss out on the benefit of timing an hcg mediated cycle. So we're out this month as far as fertility treatments go. It's up to nature (and miracles).

For some reason this has really made me feel down. Its just one more thing where my job is making our treatments practically impossible. Not to mention the "so called" plan has taken another turn. I wanted to have this all behind me by the new year. I'm starting to loose steam i.e. the energy to keep going on this journey. Its even affecting the Christmas season. Normally I LOVE Christmas, in my opinion its the best holiday ever. But I have no desire to put up any decorations, get a tree or put up lights. How sad is that? This is the first year that I can remember when I didn't have my entire house decorated before the end of November. Hopefully I'll turn around here soon, until then I'm going to head off to bed early. (Maybe I can just hibernate for the next few months.)

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

hibernating sounds good to me, too. :)

im sorry this month wont go as planned. try to get past it and look forward to next month. a new year could bring a new baby..