Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yoga for Fertility Class

I'm going to give this class a try. If anyone out there lives in the 614/740 area code and is interested here is the info. It was really hard to track down but this is offered through a local hospital who partnered with a well known yoga studio in town. Since I had so much trouble finding it I thought I'd post it.

Yoga for Fertility
NEW! - Yoga practices, including deep relaxation, active and restorative poses, breathing practices and meditation, can reduce stress and physical and emotional tensions. This helps balance hormone levels, increase muscle tone and circulation to internal organs and open subtle energetic channels. No previous yoga experience required.
Offered in partnership with Yoga on High.

To register call (614) 291-4444
Marcia Miller, registered yoga teacher
When: Saturday, Feb. 21; 1 to 4 p.m.
Where: Elizabeth Blackwell Center
Cost: $50

My boss is really into yoga for strength and toning reasons and got me interested. I haven't being doing it for well over a year now because I've just been too busy. I'm thinking it may help with all the stress I'm under both with work and with our IF. I'm not a 'meditation' type person, it's too new-agy for me. I did yoga for flexibility, balance, and stress as a purely physical activity. I was challenged by a pastor from my college ministry who did yoga but took bible versus to mediate on during the 'new-agy' parts. Once I started practicing yoga and doing the bible meditation it really was great. I was less stressed and felt healthier, so why did I stop? Oh yeah, too busy, any-whoo. So I'm excited to finally have a free weekend to take this class.


Shannon said...

Darn, I wish I was in Columbus. Id love to go to the fertility yoga. I should check into that here. I do like the suggestion of using the bible verses as meditations, thats a good idea.

I noticed you are following my blog, thank you for doing so. :) Looks like we have alot in common, I have added your blog to the ones I follow. Have a good day!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i love yoga! i wish i lived in your area and could join you!