Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Advisor

So a blog friend told me about the baby name advisor and I had to try it out. And then I had to share it with all of you. Enjoy! Oh and post your results via comments because some of them are just too funny.

Our results
Boy - Charles: The German name Charles means - farmer; The English name Charles means - strong and manly.
Girl - Alison: The English name Alison means - A form of Alice meaning "noble" or "bright." Among notable people with this name are actress Allison Janney and country singer Allison Moorer. [I actually have no idea who these people are...]


NeNe said...

Marlon for a boy and Abril for a girl...Hmmm interestingly weird choices.

Allison said...

Zion for a boy and Judith for a girl. Not a big fan of either.

I do like Alison, though...although it's spelled wrong, if you ask me. ;)

Shannon said...

I got Colin for a boy and Shea for a girl. I like Colin but Shea is totally NMS. I like that thing though- and I actually like both of your names :)

Hillary said...

Christopher & Zoie...I wouldn't choose either, but Christopher is more our style. We like more traditional type names, so Zoie is definitely too out there for us... :)

Fun, though!