Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces

So after doing the math and POAS (OPK) I realized that a) I ovulated on day 12 (woo ho!) and b) that we won't have enough days abstinence post BDing and getting Hammer's sample to the lab before my trip. Now for some this might not make sense but we've made a decision in this process to not have Hammer do solo samples. The reason is that I've personally known couples who, after going through IVF, ended up with the husband becoming addicted to porn and it has become a burden to their marriage. I know it sounds extreme but when we prayed over IF treatments we both felt convicted on this point and committed to 'no solo samples.' Yes this does mean that we have a risk of decreased numbers due to transport delays but we both feel that by honoring our marriage with this choice, God will honor us in our journey.

So that means we won't be able to get our results till after 3/23. But its a-OK because it will still give us enough time to decide if we need to start IVF in late April. It sounds crazy but there is a part of me that kind of hopes that we'll have to do IVF in April even though that means Hammer would have bad morphology. I've been praying over this and realized that I might feel more security in the IVF process than in trusting God by delaying IVF. Yuck, just when you think you've worked things out up pops more trust issues. But growth is part of this whole process. By recognizing this it's helped me to be more open to trying chiropractics, which is what I asked for prayer with a few weeks ago. So that part is awesome.

I also noticed something strange this month. Typically when I ovulate one side of my abdomen feels sore from which ever ovary had the follicle. This month BOTH felt sore. In fact so sore that it hurt to lay on my tummy for my adjustment at the chiropractor. The fact that lefty was sore is amazing because that probably meant she was participating again. I'm still holding out for our miracle so that we can start our family the 'old fashioned way' so any prayers would be welcomed.

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