Thursday, April 2, 2009

IVF timeline fast approaching!

Well I called today to schedule another SA (since we cancelled last weeks due to the funeral) and they won't have another 7:30 am time until NEXT Thursday and that is the only time that works with our schedules. That means we won't know if we are doing IVF until 2 weeks before my anticipated start date if the strict morphology comes back as poor.

At first I felt panicky. Then I stopped myself from full blown panic mode. Seriously what can I do about this? Nothing. God called my uncle home and we dropped everything to support my family; while it threw off our plans it did not throw off God's. God clearly knew that calling him home would mean my appointment would be cancelled so if He's not worried about it why should I be. And when I thought about this I told myself that God must have a very good reason for it all. The new appointment will actually be a couple of days after I ovulate so that means we won't have to choose between BDing for our natural cycle or SA for our IVF test. And it's not like I haven't been mentally preparing myself for an April cycle. So panic was avoided.

The other thing God will have to work out for us is the issue with one more business trip in early June. There is a possibility that my ET will fall during the week I am supposed to help out a co-worker with her audit. My supervisor told me not to worry about it and whatever happens she will make sure that it won't effect our cycle (if we start our cycle in April).

I hate to say it but I really think that the SA results will be poor. I guess I just can't fathom that three years with NOTHING would not result in SOMETHING being wrong with Hammer. But you never know and eventually I will, next Thursday.

On the Chiropractor front I've been going almost three days a week (minus business trips) for nearly two solid months. According to the Doc's they are being aggressive to get this baby making show on the road. They say that I've made excellent progress which is good to hear because I really don't feel any different. Although I do notice that my right leg feels different when I walk (the right leg being the one they said was a 1/2 inch shorter than the left). According to them I needed about 2 months of treatment before seeing any positive fertility affects. That time line is up on April 24th. So my 'positive fertility effects' timeline will fall right before we possibly start IVF, either way it will be a good thing.

At this point I am beyond ready to get this party started. May will mark three years of TTC and I will love to celebrate that anniversary with a BFP!


Hillary said...

So exciting, you're almost there!

cady said...

that's so exciting! we had two months of waiting between when we decided to do ivf and when we actually started our cycle, and i wish we had a faster timeline like you. it gives you less time to think about the process and go stir crazy!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

go mrs hammer! you are getting closer! and i agree, a bpf in may would be amazing!

Meant to be a mom said...

The time is coming. Best of hopes for a good outcome on your tests. I sure hope all is well and this month you can start the process and get closer to having your future babies. :)

Shannon said...

I am so excited that the time is getting closer. I have been praying for you guys and think a BFP in May would be WONDERFUL!