Friday, April 10, 2009

"What we've got here, is a failure to communi.cate"

As a young child I distinctly remember my father watching C.ool Hand and he would quote his favorite line, "What we've got here, is a failure to communi.cate," all the time. That is exactly what I think is going on between my reproductive organs and my brain. I needed to ovulate on time this month but did I? No. I feel like I'm in some sort of twilight zone for infertiles...

"Imagine, if you will, a fifth dime.ntion beyond that which is known to man." Where your uterus is completely ignoring your constant pleading to ovulate. Imagine that all your years of ovulating on day 11 or 12 suddenly changed to day 15. This is the dimension between when your body needed to ovulate and when your spouse needs to have his sperm analyzed. This is the dimension of utter frustration. This is the Infertile Zone.

Instead of getting Hammer's SA done this week we got to BD. Not that I mind BDing but I really, really wanted to get our results soon. Since there has to be at least two days abstinence before collection we had to postpone the SA until next Thursday. Now there will be less than a week post results before we may be starting IVF. Why is my body starting to be uncooperative? I decided this month to start temping again because last month I had a heck of a time trying to figure out if I had even ovulated. I think I might be sensing a pattern. So here is my chart with the most applicable temperatures.

Notice that there were two days where my temps completely sky rocketed. I have no idea why other than the outside temperatures were higher that week and then dropped into cold spells that resulted in overnight freezing in our surrounding areas. I decided to mark those as disturbances.

On a good note, I've continued to see the chiropractor an average of about 2-3 times per week. According to him, women can see delays in ovulation when they are receiving adjustments (so apparently I have him to blame?). Hammer happened to mention the delay during his appointment this past Monday and Dr. T asked me to come in an extra day. I don't know if it's related but I got a positive OPK the next day. I'm still too skeptical to believe it. Hammer told me Tuesday that if we get pregnant this cycle he's going to completely rub it in. But in my defense I have been extremely faithful going to all the chiropractor appointments (2-3 a week for almost two months), taking vitamins, high level antioxidants and yoga 2-3 times a week. I really don't think that he has too much to rub in but I'm still going to remain mildly hopeful. It has been almost three solid years without a single positive test so it's hard to believe that a little back-cracking will do the trick.

Every time I go in there they ask me if I'm feeling better. Better? I never felt bad to begin with so how can I feel better? The only symptoms I've ever had is some pain on the right side of my body when I run. I have, however, noticed a change in my gait when I walk. So I went out and picked up some new shoes; doctors orders I might add. I have to post a photo of my old pair of shoes when I can figure out how to download pictures off my new camera. Let's just say the right heel of my shoe is shockingly different than my left. They had told me that my right leg was shorter than my left due to my muscles being in a constant state of contraction to support my 'twisted' spine. So maybe there is something to this whole chiropractic thing. I'm not saying that it's the infertile cure-all but it did give me a great excuse to update my shoe wardrobe. Hammer wasn't thrilled about it but I told him it was doctors orders and that if I didn't get new shoes it would just perpetuate the problem. Is it wrong if I only half buy the chiropractic thing to get new shoes out of the deal?

During my last appointment this week I was told that all my adjustments had paid off and I had a perfect spine. Hopefully all these appointments will end up in an even bigger payoff...


Hillary said...

That's awesome that your spine is perfect now and your gait has improved. It sounds like it was really worth it for you to go, even if it didn't help fertility wise, you know? (although it's too early to know about that!)

Lynn and Mike said...

I stumbled upon your blog by accident...and I'm really glad I did! My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. We did Clomid for 8 months (actually maybe it was 10). 4 IUIs. This month was Follistem and hoping for a good ultrasound tomorrow. (I had really low estrogen so we weren't even sure we'd get this far). Chiropractics and accupuncture for the last year and a half. Anyway, I'm sending baby dust your well as my thanks for a very uplifting blog! ~Lynn