Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update on My Dad

Last night they began the warming process at 11pm. His body temperature was 92 and they brought him up to 98 over the next six hours. That is two hours faster than what they anticipated because he was responding so well. About 5 am they decided to take him of the sedation to see if he would respond. Around 6:15 we were in the room and he started to raise his eyebrows and his arms twitched. The nurse was trying to hide us in the room during the rounding hours so we could be there when he woke up but we got 'caught' and were told to leave. About 20 minutes later the nurse ran into the waiting room shouting that he was awake. We went running into the ICU and his eyes were wide open. He focused on us, recognized us, understood he was at the hospital and when my mom said, "you had one heck of a bike ride" he acknowledged it and tried to talk (he is still on a vent so he can't right now). We are not out of the woods yet as he still needs to get off the vent, continue to progress mentally, hopefully not get aspiration pneumonia (he is starting to show signs) and figure out what caused all this. But right now all the signs are great. Keep up the prayers I know they are working!!!!!


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Yay!!! Praise God!

Hillary said...

Priase God that is wonderful news!