Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Waiting...

Well we FINALLY were able to get the SA done this Thursday. YEAH!!! But now I'm just waiting for the results. I can never tell if the labs are slow or if it's our less than sensational nurse who never calls with results. Hopefully we'll know soon, that and I'm going to call Monday regardless.

It's been a rough week and I'm so thankful that it's Saturday. I was on another trip but this time I could sleep in my own bed. I just had to get up each day around 4 and drive 1 1/2 hrs to the clinic. Which was totally fine but I burned the candle at both ends and ended up with a nasty cold (that Hammer gave me). I swear I had a low grade fever because my basal temp was 98.9 on Thursday morning. I'm never even remotely that high. The worst part is that I can't take any time off so I had to go to work sick. Because I'm in a union if I accrue comp-time and then take sick time at any point during that week they will only pay out my time straight i.e. no time and a half. Because our new union contract will be freezing our sick time, vacation time and personal time accrual for the next two years; comp-time becomes even more precious. If we finally have a baby I need all the time I can get but it comes at the worst time because I won't be able to recoup any time until 2011. All this to save our state some money but the kicker is that I'm 100% federally funded so none of my saved salary or benefits are allowed to be used for my state's budget. Basically I get the shaft for nothing. Which is why I went to work sick this week but enough about my job (at least I have one). Anyway nothing heals you like 10 hours of sweet solid sleep.

I also tried a neti pot for the first time. It was...different. But also very effective. The first few tries I kept thinking I was doing it wrong because the water was not coming out the other nostril but then I realized it was because I was so horribly stuffed up. The worst part is that feeling of water too far up your nose. I hate when you are swimming and the water gets up to high in your sinuses and it hurts; that's what it's like. But now I can actually breathe out of my nose so it was worth it. (If you watched the video on the neti pot; the lady is so stoic and calm while she does it. The face I was making the whole time was NOT stoic and calm. In fact it was down-right hilarious. Also I'm not sure what is up with the exercises in the video but I did do some "Ah this water up my nose thing is uncomfortable" dance a few times; I suppose it was the same thing.)

As another fun way to pass time I'll also share our most recent house project: Installing bamboo floors. It was crazy timing when they ended up being installed. It was delayed a week because of my uncle's passing, then it overlapped with Easter, and when it was all done this Wednesday, both Hammer and I were too sick to move everything out of the kitchen and back into the living room. But either way it looks awesome. We had a buddy of ours who does home remodeling put them in for us. The timing was perfect because he had literally just been laid off from his job the week before we were scheduled to have him install them. So it totally helped him and his family out.

Here is the before chaos.

Here is the half way done point with our poor dog in the shot who is trying to figure out what the heck is happening to his home.

And here is the completed project.

And just because I can't resist here is close up picture of our dog...I mean the floors but isn't our dog cute too?


Meant to be a mom said...

BEAUTIFUL FLOORS. I just love them. And what a cute puppy!
I just have to say, I have terrible allergies and last week I tried an al natural nazal rinse that had no meds in it and I had to squirt it up my nose both sides 4 times. AHHHH Thats no fun at all. I hope your back to feeling better. :)
Oh and also yes I LOVE fried pickles too. They are delish!

Hillary said...

I hope you get your results soon -- that would be so frustrating to have to keep waiting!

LOVE the floors!

Shannon said...

Im excited for you to get Hammer's SA results, I will be checking back for updates

Your floors? Amazing. I love them!

And the Neti Pot- this is a good PSA. I have always wanted to try it but the thought of water poured into my nose freaked me out a bit. Maybe I will move past my comfort level and try it next time Im sick!