Friday, June 25, 2010


Last cycle at this time I was so bloated I was miserable. Last cycle at this time I could feel the follicles growing. Last cycle at this time it was irritating if my cloths rubbed against my skin. Last cycle at this time it was nowhere near quiet in there.

But today it’s quiet and that makes me worried.

Tomorrow is follicle check #2, first thing in the morning.  And after that I'm indulging myself in a full body massage* for a whole 60 minutes.  And a manicure.  Because why not.

*My acupuncturist told me that massage has been shown to keep stress hormones down for 3 days.  And we all know that stress is bad for an IVF cycle.


JB said...

It's entirely possible that you feel "less" this time around because you gave your ovaries a longer break since the last IVF cycle, so they have had more time to rest. Your first 2 cycles were practically back to back. Remain calm! You are still very much in this!

Sumer said...

I didn't feel anything really the whole time I wwas going through IVF so don't get discouraged!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you don't have as many follicles as you would like to have... I hope you will still get your BFP though! All the best - thanks for the tip about the supplements you took and my list was almost the same, so it looks like I'm on the right track!

Andrea said...

Enjoy that massage and deserve them ;) I do agree with massage calming stresses.

Be good to yourself and know that I am rallying you on to success!

Brittney said...

I second what Sumer said - I didn't feel different throughout my IVF cycle, so I don't think women always do. Hang in there:)