Thursday, July 8, 2010

7dp IUI and a Giveaway

Today marks the half way point of our IUI converted IVF cycle; although, thanks to the HCG booster I can’t test for 10 days which would be 17dp IUI – Bummer. But! I don’t have to take any more shots which is awesome. Then again, I also can’t tell you if I’m having any symptoms because I still have trigger-boob-soreness, etc. I can definitely tell that my progesterone is elevated as I’ve had severe indigestion for the last 5 days making eating or sleeping impossible. That was identical to the last two IVF cycles. And you know what else nobody tells you? (TMI Warning) When you ovulate a crap-load of eggs and have multiple corpus lutems pumping out the progesterone you get major constipation. I thought that was just a weird side effect of PIO but no, it’s progesterone in general. I have been having cramping on and off yesterday and today. While it could be implantation it could also be the progesterone causing my ute to cramp (or gas pains! yelch).

Basically, I know nothing right now as far as what may or may not be going on down there. And my hope level is dependent upon how I maybe feeling at that particular hour. I do have moments where I think, “Nah, it couldn’t happen like this. I would be too easy! And after four years of infertility, people like us don’t get it easy.” But oh how nice easy would be!

Ok now onto the Give Away!

I received, Waiting for Daisy, from Hillary at Making Me Mom and while I read it right away I lapsed on getting out a giveaway post. (What can I say, I had a crappy 2009 = 2 deaths, 1 near death & a miscarriage).

It’s a nice, easy read about a real life couple dealing with infertility and eventually having a child. While I enjoyed the book and the hope that eventually our family will be complete even if it’s a long painful journey I wasn’t a fan about her mildly preachy ending. In summary she basically said that women get too worked up about not getting pregnant right away and run off to a RE, drop all sorts of money on procedures and tests when eventually they would have gotten pregnant on their own. Being a person who has dealt with infertility for several years and can safely say that we need help, that message kind of deflated the book for me. I worry that this message is what non-infertile people will take away from the book. But then, why on earth would a non-infertile want to read this? Basically, I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my non-infertile friends to help give them some perspective. But for infertiles it’s nice to know that someone who walked in our shoes has published a book about their struggles.

So on to the rules for the give way:

1. Leave a comment on this post*

2. Read the book

3. Have a giveaway at your blog to keep the book circulating

Now that wasn’t so hard was it? I’ll take entries up until my HPT day (July 16th) and then use to pick the winner. I’ll contact you to get your mailing address so you can receive your prize.

*If you want to leave a comment but not be entered in the drawing just let me know in your comment.


Grace said...

Oh I've been awol, I didn't know your cycle was converted. My fingers are crossed that all your symptoms are positive..I'm hopeful for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I should do a proper update soon :)

Shannon said...

I read that book a year or so ago and had the same reaction as you did to the ending.

I have been thinking about you and anxiously awaiting your testing day. I can't tell you how much I hope this is it for you. It would fill my heart with so much happiness for you to be blessed with your miracle. Cant wait to see updates!

Amber said...

I hope everything goes well this cycle. I haven't read the book but I understand what you're saying. People who aren't or haven't gone through this have no right to say it will happen, just have patience. You will be in my prayers until you test!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Hey- I was just thinking of you as you are approaching your test date. Wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and sending lots of love your way.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

ANXIOUS to hear the news!!

Kristen said...

Sending you good thoughts for tomorrow! I had the reverse of you, I had planned on IUI and ended up doing IVF because of overstimulating and the desire not to have my own reality show. I have my beta tomorrow also. Prayers!

kdactyl said...

I've been stalking you...and praying like mad. According to your is HPT Day. Sending lots of good baby dust your way.