Friday, July 23, 2010

Old Plan, New Twist

For Q&A #1
Karaleen* (Kdactyl) asked: "Are you going to insist on a different protocol or see another RE? I know you are concerned about response and the fact that your current RE has not changed much up to try for a better result..."

Our meeting yesterday went well. After giving things some thought and a ‘pre-cancellation’ conversation I had with my RE, we came to a decision that we hoped our RE would support. Hammer still wants to continue at this clinic so nothing has changed there. I didn’t want to do another microdose cycle since this last one was such a disaster. We concluded that we’d like to go back to what we did with cycle #2 because at least we got 8 mature eggs and a pregnancy from it. And since this IS our last cycle it was better just to do what we know worked rather than try something new again and end up with another disaster.

The good news is that our RE started off the meeting with the same suggestion. He didn’t think another microdose cycle would be a wise decision. I was happy about this because he had initially been talking about that during our ‘pre-cancellation’ conversation. I also wanted to explore dropping the lupron a bit so instead of 10 and then down to 5 maybe 8 and then down to 4 or 5 and down to 2.5. He wasn’t supportive of that suggestion because he felt that giving me 6 vials a day of stims (450 IU) would overcome the suppression enough to hopefully get us 10-11 mature follicles. I was disappointed to hear this and honestly I’ve been mentally contemplating being ‘lazy’ with my doses and self adjusting it anyway – is that bad? I do fear that if anything went wrong I would totally blame myself and I’m scared for anything to go wrong because this is it, seriously this time. Unless the clinic cancels me we are going ahead with retrieval and hopefully transfer.

I also picked his brain as to if he thought I had diminished ovarian reserve or was a poor responder. I was pleased to hear that he didn’t put me in either category but did say that I might be one of those people with insensitive FSH receptors. But that seems unlikely since my FSH has always been normal – also his opinion. Even he said with my AMH he would have guessed 3 vials a day would have been enough. So instead he said it’s like I have the ovaries of a 36 year old. Funny, I’ve know lots 36 year olds who rock the stims. In fact I know more that do than don’t. Oh well. I guess I was always mature for my age emotionally so why not add my ovaries into that category.

So mid August we’ll be starting our last cycle by trying to recreate cycle #2 with a happy ending this time. BCP, 10 u Lupron – then down to 5 u, 6 vials of Gonal-F/d, and 1 vial of Luvaris/d.

Ok now a slight confession (please don't be mad):

My test wasn’t totally negative on the 16th but it was very faint (FRER) and it was also only days 9 post booster and not the recommended 10 days. Why the IVF nurse had me test a day early I don’t know but my RE’s nurse told me to test again the next day. I did and while it was still positive it was also lighter. I tested Sunday and Monday as well watching the line fade more each day. Finally this Wednesday AF made her appearance. When the RE asked when I had started he was surprised to learn it was ‘late’ compared to what he had anticipated. He confirmed that we likely had a chemical pregnancy. Hammer and I are just going to take this as good news that my tubes are open and his boys reached their target. Also we never had anything happen with our five clomid IUI’s so maybe these vitamins are working. It also reassured us again that cancelling was the right decision; those eggies might not have been the healthiest since my body really didn’t like microdose lupron. It also opened Hammer up to the possibility of seeing a local Dr that does NaPro technology if IVF does not work and we have to go on a wait list for adoption. I guess that’s a topic for another day but first I want to focus on IVF#4. So bring on more wheat grass smoothies and vitamins! Mmmm; yummy.

If you have any other questions for me just leave them in the comment section and I'll write up a post about it.

*I just had to tell you your name is SO pretty!


Tabitha said...

I'm so glad to see that you have a plan and your moving on...praying!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you and the RE are on the same page. I wish you the best of luck with IVF #4. I am sending good thoughts your way.


Hillary said...

It sounds like you and your RE are working well together (minus the suppression issue) and that is encouraging. I am praying for you in this final attempt that God would give you a miracle!! xoxo

kdactyl said...

I'm so happy to hear that your RE is open minded and working with you. It makes all the difference. And...I wouldn't worry too much about the lupron...10/5 is totally the standard progression. I did it 5 times and it never affected the quality of my eggs because all it really does is keep your own pituitary gland from releasing hormones and messing with the synthetic ones they have you pumping in everyday!
I'm so encouraged by chemical pregnancy though...that means Hammer has had success and his boys enjoyed the swim. Even though it didn't end up with a true BFP...that is soooo encouraging.
Thanks for the compliment on my can thank my mom (Kathleen)...she sort of created it on her own using part of her own name. I like it....43 years old and I have NEVER met another.

I will be praying for this next cycle...I'm very excited for you and Hammer!


Allison said...

I'm really happy to hear that you and the RE are on the same page, that he doesn't put you in either category and that you were able to get pregnant, even if it was a chemical pregnancy. I hope that doesn't sound horrible, but that's great with an IUI and I really hope it bodes well for your next cycle. You and Hammer remain in my prayers!

I now have a question for you--what is NaPro? I've found a website on it, but would love to hear it in terms of what you're looking for with it.