Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Cranky Ladies

Well we had our IUI yesterday and everything went really well. Mr. Hammer supplied some excellent numbers and quality as far as the troops were concerned. I actually felt myself ovulate from both sides around 1:00pm that afternoon, OUCH! So I think the timing was good. Unfortunately my girls are making me pay for shooting off way more follicles than occurs naturally. I feel like I’ve been bruised from the inside. I think they are cranky and telling me all about it.  I’m sure I’ll feel better in a day or so and from what I can remember it’s better than the retrieval (of course I was also on some really good drugs for that procedure).

We decided just to take the whole day off together. After everything this month we both felt we needed a mental health day. (And after feeling the eggs launch it was a good decision too!) I started thinking about my past IUI”s with clomid plus hcg trigger shots. I remember feeling ovulation pains around 10am the day after the trigger and thinking, “should I be ovulating already?” And then the next day when we did the IUI, I wouldn’t have any ovulation pain. When I did my first IVF I was panicked that I was ovulating the day before retrieval just as before but surprised to learn that they were all still in place the next morning. When I asked about this the RE on call said that lupron helps keep them in place longer. I know what I’ve read says you will ovulate as early as ~24 hours after the trigger without suppression but I’m just suspicious that my body had a mind of its own. Of course it’s all speculation and Hammer’s thought is that even if it was on time his boy’s would have been too genetically retarded for it to work. I hope that with a ton of eggs and vitaminized sperm that we can make it work this time. It’s hard not to have a little hope!

P.S. If we had gone through with the retrieval we would be 1 day post and getting our first fertilization report. Let’s hope there is some fert-magic going on in my tummy today!


Shannon said...

I pray that you had great timing with the IUI! And just one of Hammer's sperms need to do their thing so I have tons of hope for you! Cant wait to see how this all turns out, Im always thinking of you

Allison said...

Sending you many prayers and good thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...

I praying that you will get your baby from this cycle! I'm glad all went well with the IUI!

Mrs. Katia said...

Thanks for the update. Good luck, everything sounds perfect so far! I'm wondering, though, if you ever re-checked Mr. Hammer's sperm fragmentation after a few months on the supplements? We might have the same problem here, and my husband is on pretty much the same stuff! I was excited to see that. However, we aren't going to send in his sperm before trying again. I'm just curious if you know there was a difference in the dna integrity or if you're hoping like we are. Thanks!

kdactyl said...

Sounds like great timing, great numbers and cranky ladies is really a good thing. I had 12-14 follies for each of our IUI's (Yes...DH's numbers were that bad that they actually let us do the IUI's)...I remember that multi-follie ovulation was AWFUL....but we did get prego on one of those so I am super hopeful for you. I hope your 2WW goes by full of really great symptoms and ends in a big fat Pos HPT!!!!!