Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Q & A - Fire Away!

I've had lots of really great questions from some of my readers but haven't really figured out a good way to respond so I thought I'd do a Q & A session. I have three questions already that I'm going to do posts on from:

Amber @ Fertility Hiccups - Acupuncture: what to expect
Mrs. Katia - Sperm DNA fragmentation: what's next
Kdactyl - IVF#4: the plan

I'll be addressing Kdactyl's questions first because my "What-the-flip" (WTF)* appointment is tomorrow. So I"m just opening up the floor for anyone to ask me any question and I'll post a response.

*'What-the-flip" is how I say it because I just can't bring myself to say the f-bomb.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I always say "what the french....toast" cause of that funny orbits commercial.

Look forward to reading the Q&A session.

Amber said...

I like your version of WTF. Thanks for the response. I will let you know how it goes. My first appt is Friday. A question for you. Did you do any of there herbal medicine and/or did you doctor say it was ok?

kdactyl said...

Very excited to hear about your "WTF" appointment. I always laugh when I hear women talk about those appts. I never really had one of those with my RE...we always just had a phone conversation and then decided where to go from there. Usually I was telling him what I thought our next steps should be...ha ha. I was so lucky to have a really laid back RE who didn't have a big ego...he was always so receptive to any questions I had about protocol and why he chose one over the other and we worked out our plans "together". I really hope your RE listens to your concerns with an open mind and is willing the change up your protocol in hopes of a better response. I know it sometimes feels silly to go in and question the person who is suppose to be the "expert", but remember...this is your future family you are discussing (not to mention the thousands of your hard earned dollars). I wish you luck and totally look forward to the summary of your meeting.

Karaleen (my real name)

Mrs. Katia said...

The Q&A posts are a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us!