Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Back

The spotting, it came back last night around 9 pm.

After Tuesday's scare, the bleeding was so bad that I could not keep the Endometrin in so we decided to give 0.5cc of PIO just to get something in my body. And then as a precaution for the next day (Wednesday), Hammer gave me another. The spotting was completely gone that day. On Thursday morning I talked with the RN and she said that since the bleeding stopped and the suppositories were staying in that I could stop the PIO and continue with the Endometrin, which I did. And then later that night I spotted pinky brown mixed in with that Endometrin ooze which is exactly how the bright red bleeding started. We were at our couples bible study when I discovered it while going to the bathroom. There was no warning. We immediately left for home so that Hammer could give me another shot to hopefully prevent full bleeding. I went to bed totally stressed out and hardly slept at all. When I woke up the spotting was gone and there was nothing but old blood. So we made the decision based upon our gut feeling that the suppositories alone were just not working for us.

This morning when I called the clinic to tell them what happened, they said that it was fine to do the PIO but they wanted me to do 2cc a day. Crazy. I've only ever heard of one other person doing that much. Honestly if 3 Endometrin/d + 0.55cc of PIO are working, we might just keep it up because we know it's working now. Clearly we just can't do suppositories alone. Now we could be wrong about the PIO and still spot, we totally are aware of this but I think this will at least bring some peace of mind to have two sources of progesterone going. I already had my Endometrin refill delivered so I'll have more than enough on hand. Oh and we also requested a 3rd beta just to see if everything is still going OK in there. I think we should be fine because I took a FRER again this morning and there was so much dye on the test line that there was barely a control but peace of mind is priceless right now.


kdactyl said...

I would do the same as you....those suppositories just seem to be a bit harsh on you...the PIO is a PIA (literally)...but it really does bring peace of mind...I'm so glad you had some on hand and that the spotting is gone again. Good luck...I love that the FRER was practically exploding at you....I bet your 3rd beta will be awesome!!!


JB said...

I think I did 2cc of PIO until 8 weeks, but no suppositories. Maybe that's what they expect you to do, to just quit the suppositories and switch to PIO rather than doing both. Given how much grief they're causing you, I'd be inclined to do that. It sucks that you just got a pile of refills, but and end to the bleeding would be worth it!

Crossing fingers that everything continues as it should...and no more bleeding dammit!

Amber said...

My last ivf cycle i was doing endomerin 3x/day and 1cc PIO 2x/day! I know the endo goes right to the uterus, and the pio goes to the blood, so I guess all bases should be covered then! Praying for you and that little miracle!!