Monday, August 29, 2011


This week is all about waiting. Waiting for my PIO supply to come in. Waiting for the day when I can stop the suppositories. Waiting for the spotting to stop. Waiting for the upcoming ultrasound.

The spotting is really starting to mess with my head. We were able to get it to stop Friday morning and it stayed away all day Saturday until around 9pm; about 1 hour after I put in the 3rd suppository of the day. We were driving up to visit my in-laws who live about 3 hours away. When we were an hour from arriving I felt something strange and made Hammer pull off at a fast food restaurant. Sure enough, bright red blood on the panty liner. It was a fair amount but did not soak a pad. I ended up doing our nightly PIO in the restaurant bathroom. First time I'd given a PIO solo. Let me tell you fear is a great motivator. I didn't even hesitate to stick that crazy long needle in my hip. I did 1cc rather than 0.5cc because it was the second episode of bright red bleeding. Once we arrived at my in-laws I went straight to bed. When I woke up the bleeding had tapered off so I showered to get ready for our day. Then I put in the first suppository and 15 min later...bleeding. Since then it has been constant when I wipe but not really anything to soak a pad. It's more red/brown than anything.

What really scared me is that as the day wore on my ride side (hip, butt, front of abdomen) was beginning to hurt more and more. We ended up leaving early to head back home. After brainstorming what could be causing it and ruling out ectopic we decided it was probably from the PIO I gave in that side. I wasn't having any cramping on the left side of my body and it seemed to stem from the back side. I sat on a heating pad on low and rotated every 30 minutes. This morning I feel much better in that spot.

I have also been very thirsty and am drinking 3-4 24oz bottles of water a day. Regardless today I woke up really dehydrated and very sick to my stomach. I also made the mistake of taking our last HPT with my very dehydrated sample. I freaked out that the control line wasn't as light as it was two days ago. I know that things can happen and this bleeding is not helping but I'm not having any cramping and there are very good reasons for the spotting. I hope that my freakout was unnecessary and you can be assured we do not have anymore FRER left in the house.


Forever Photography said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I've been following your blog for a long time. Since you're having all of these spotting issues and I'm not sure what you've been told, but I have been told by my RE and several other women that those suppositories can cause you to spot and bleed. In fact I know several women who had this same thing happen to them too. When we did our IVF I elected to stick with PIO only. #1 b/c I hate the suppositories and #2 didn't want to deal with potential spotting and the stress it would cause. I never had spotting once. Good luck and I hope your spotting stops for good very soon!

Tabitha said...

Oh goodness, I'm just now trying to catch up on my blogs...CONGRADULATIONS!!! God is so good!!!

kdactyl said...

My RE always told me that spotting with IVF cycles is more common than not common. I spotted with both my pregnancies...and really a lot with my 2nd... So...without any cramping and with those great betas last week...I think you are just among so many of us who have been there. AND...those darn suppositories really are with all that data...I'm still feeling very confident for you. Hang in there. I know how hard this waiting time is...especially with the spotting. But the increased thirst and nausea are great signs of a growing pregnancy!


Mandy said...

What a roller coaster of emotions! I believe your baby is a fighter and am praying that he/she keeps holding on. Hopefully, you are able to get the bleeding under control very soon and get a peace of mind that everything is ok.