Monday, October 13, 2008

A Fun Day Off

Today is a state holiday and since I work for the government I had the day off. My hubby decided to join me and took the day off as well. We got up early and ate breakfast at Scramblers. We both had pancakes but the hub decided to get the large portion and now we have leftovers. His eyes are always bigger than his stomach.

Then we went out and stopped at several bike shops. I'm looking to get a new bike for my birthday. We went to several stores and checked out Marin and Specialized brand bikes. Then we met my brother to check out Jamis and Bianchi as he just purchased a Bianchi for himself. Finally we ended up at Bike Source where I settled on a Specialized Vita. I'll probably pick it up on Tuesday. I'd really like to get into doing some long distance riding as a great way to keep in shape. Plus I think its a great sport that you can keep up with as one gets older, not that I'm old. I'm just saying.

After that we decided to head to a local nursery to check out a tree sale they were having. I've wanted to get a pink flowering kousa dogwood for a while now. They had an awesome sale and we picked up a great tree for under a hundred dollars. I really hope this one takes off. We've been cheap and tried to get a teeny tiny tree that could not handle the frosts here even though they are supposed to be native to our state. Oh well. Let's say a little prayer for this one. It's taller than me so I'm hoping that means it can handle the weather a bit better.

The only downside is that we had to plant the tree at dusk so we were literally killing mosquitoes left and right. We are so bitten up that right now we are covered in Benadryl spray trying not to scratch the bites. And some of them got into our house so we are still killing them. It's torture. Well we will have lots of updates in the next two weeks as we will be going to Marco Island for vacation. Yeah!

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