Thursday, October 16, 2008

Never trust a women with a Sam's Club sized bottle of Robitussin on her desk

I must look really suspicious at work right now because I have the biggest bottle of Robitussin ever made sitting right out for everyone to see. But it's totally worth it. I'm giving this last month one more try. I'm pulling out the Robitussin and taking my iron pills.

My Goals:
1. quality cervical mucus
2. quality endometrial lining

But I have to say, that Tussin is nasty. I have always had an aversion to cherry lifesavers because they remind me of cough medicine. Now I find myself chugging it down like it's going out of style. Oh the things we do for fertility. I figure if a miracle happens this month and we get pregnant I'd rather complain about nasty cherry flavored cough syrup than feeling like a human pin cushion from IVF shots. And this may be TMI but I think the stuff is working already. Oh please God, let it be this month!


Allison said...

That's great that it's working!!! I took it and saw no difference. :) I still gag every time I take it.

How much are you taking daily?

RDgirl said...

Thanks for all your posts. I'm taking 2 tsp every four hours for a max of three times per day. I've heard that you need to start on day 5 but I didn't start until a few days ago. Some people have taken up to 4 tsp every four hours max 3 time per day. Also you have to drink a ton of water too (2 to 3 liters). So maybe it's the tussin or the extra fluids. I just wish it came in grape flavor.