Monday, August 3, 2009

Odds and Ends Post IVF#1

Here are a few mini posts each with their own title:

Fun Things

I finished my knitting project. Actually I finished it a while back but never got around to posting it. Not to toot-my-own-horn, but I'm not a bad knitter! I put in a few pics of the finished product as modeled by Moses.

Side shot of the pooch pouch

Top View

Gratuitous cute puppy view

I'm on to my next doggie outfit - and Hammer hates that I call them outfits, he he.

The Nerve

No I'm not mad at anyone, well maybe just at myself. So back when I was still giving PIO's I had to do one of my shots in my thigh because Hammer wasn't around. I reviewed all the diagrams, prepped the injection area, and shoved the needle in my right leg. I remember 'hitting something' that hurt when it first went in but it was just for a second and then it didn't feel bad. Just to be safe I pulled the needle back out a bit and injected the PIO a bit higher. Later that evening I realized that my knee felt funny, kind of numb. Ah ha, I hit a nerve, great. I heard that it can happen with IM injections and that they go away in a few days. Unfortunately it has yet to go away. It's been two weeks and if even my pant leg brushes up against my leg (which is often) it feels like burning pain at a 3rd degree burn level radiating out across my knee and a quarter way up my thigh. At first I was panicked that maybe it was an infection but I've never spiked a temp so, nerve pain it is. My brother, the future NP, said I hit a pretty major nerve because the pain is from my knee along the right side of my thigh and up into my tushy. The pain management treatments involve ibuprofen (which is a TTC no no drug) or drugs in the pregabali family which are a pregnancy category C or tetrogenic i.e. harmful to babies. SOOooooooo, I will just live with the pain. Eventually it will go away but until then I'll just have to deal with it. I am doing gentle activity such as walking, biking and yoga to try to rebuild my nerve synapses (connections) but it's no fun.

Still Flashing

So for those ladies who had a failed IVF cycle, did you continue to get hot flashes? Because I am just having fits of hot flashes and I am never hot. I'm one of those people that wears cardigans year round because winter is too cold and summer air conditioning is freezing. But now I could sleep buck na.ked under a ceiling fan on high with the air at 65 and still be sweating. (I haven't but I could). I really didn't have a bad time of it on Lupron or the stims but it seems that the after effects are worse than actually being on the drugs, and I had an E2 of <7 while on Lupron. Weird. I don't have any hope of actually ovulating this cycle but I guess it can happen. My doubts are because I feel like I'm in menopause right now. I just hope AF comes in a timely manner so that we can get this next IVF cycle started.

My appointment is tomorrow so I'll keep you all posted!


Katie said...

I LOOOOVE the pooch pouch! Can you make them for a lab-sized dog??? I'd buy some from you!

I am so sorry to hear about your remnant PIO pain. I hope it goes away soon for you. The powers that be need to come up with a better alternative than PIO, because they are the worst injections ever.

I hope your appt. goes well tomorrow.

BB said...

Wow... you are pretty creative! Sorry about the PIO pain and sorry it doesn't tickle you! :( ...thanks for your support in my journey... you have an award waiting at my blog! Good luck with your IVF # 2

Meant to be a mom said...

You did such a good job on the pooch pouch. Adorable!

Sorry to hear about your pio pain. My butt always hurt after those. I did them real low in the thigh and would be bruised for weeks.
I sure hope that gets better for you.

Good luck at the doc.

kdactyl said...

I did have some hot flashes after our failed IVF...but I got my cycle back on track pretty fast...however...I'm also a bit older than you so the hot flashes may just me my new norm as I had them all through my pregnancy (IVF attempt #2) and then still have them now (16 months post partum). Sorry about the nerve issue...that really sucks. I hope it heals up well.


Shannon said...

Your dog is so stinkin' cute, I love the pooch pouch!

Im sorry about your PIO pain. I hope your appt tomorrow goes good, thinking of you.

Hillary said...

Aw, your dog is so cute (and I'm not much of a dog person!)!! Sorry about the nerve pain and hot flashes :(

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

you did such a great job on the pouch, and what an adorable model. :)

that nerve pain sounds horrific. i hope it ceases asap!

im anxious to hear what your doc says and what the next steps will be. praying for good news today.

JB said...

Yes to the dog husband "forbids" it (he hides behind the notion that the DOG will be humiliated - I do get my way at Christmas, though). And yes in agreement, not appreciation!) to the continued hot flashes. My IVF cycle ended with a bang on Monday morning and two days out from the last PIO, I am still burning up in the early afternoon and at night. The cramps are Paul Revere going to shine one light or two? hopefully the cycle will hit the reset button soon.

Sassy said...

Is that your dod?? I have a Maltese as well!! They're the best, aren't they?

(I knew there was so;ething I liked about you!)