Thursday, November 13, 2008

Egg Update

Well I'm back from my u/s to see how my egg stock is making out. Outcome:

eggs on the right - Total 2 (21 and 24)

eggs on the left - Total 0

Lining - 9

I'm about ready to take my left ovary out back and shoot it. Three times on clomid and all three it's playing hard to get. This does not make our outlook for IVF very good if I only have one ovary to work with = less crop for harvesting.

I was able to discuss the 'what if this doesn't work' plan with my RE. Because we are doing a clomid/IUI with this cycle ending in early December that only leaves us with about 7 weeks to work with before my travel schedule with work picks up in Feb. He didn't feel that was adequate and we'd run into trouble with our time line. So instead, IF this doesn't work this month, we'll do 1-2 more rounds of clomid/IUI until February. I'll drive around the state for work Feb-May and some time in April he thought we can start the prepping process for IVF, that way my body will be ready to go once my travel stops.

In some ways I'm disappointed. Disappointed that nothing looked any different from the u/s this time around than it did before my surgery, that we'll have to wait longer than I'd like to try IVF, which in turn pushes back the mental adoption time line I had started to create.

Crap! I did it again! I just realized I started another plan, another solo me-minus-God plan. Just now I realized that I'm disappointed because the new plan I'd been formulating didn't work out. This is really a sickness I have here. I mean I know I'm type A but jeez, I snuck this in even under my own nose. I guess it's good that I caught myself. I guess I got what I needed, another month where nothing looks any different so I'm back to depending on God to work it out for the best. Humbling, isn't.

Although one good thing did happen. My two eggs are big enough for us to do the hcg shot tonight and then the IUI is scheduled bright and early Saturday morning. That means I don't have to take off work on Monday or Tuesday as I had originally feared. Whew!

Our record thus far is 0-30 months. I sure could use some prayer this weekend for a successful cycle.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

okay, youre "im about ready to take my left ovary out back and shoot it" line made me laugh out loud. those eggies on the right are a great size, though. tell your sperm to shoot right, and ill tell mine to shoot left. :)

Allison said...

I have to tell myself that the plan-making is normal. I've been catching myself doing the same darn thing.

Hope that the IUI was a success!!!!!