Friday, November 14, 2008

Rubber Needles and Bandaids

So last night the hub had to give me my hcg injection. He did great the last time so I wasn't too worried. After the first IUI fiasco where I gave my self the injection and literally started spurting blood from my thigh, anything is better. Almost.

This time was a bit more...painful. When I went to draw in hcg into the needle, I noticed that it curved when I pushed it through rubber cap of the vial. It was a 1 1/2" needle so it was big but not that big. But when the hub tried to do the injection the needle kept bending and he couldn't get it to break the skin. I tried to be supportive and act like it didn't hurt otherwise he would have freaked out on me. If I didn't have a pillow to hid my face in, the gig would have been up. He made two more attempts and then cried out, "What did they give you rubber needles?!?" At that point I started laughing which then made it even more impossible for him to try and do the injection. Once the giggles past I told him to just shove it in me. It took five attempts before he could finally give me the injection. Needless (no pun intended) to say I was very sore. Instead of a regular band aid we used one of those large square ones to cover up my wounds. I didn't want to tell him that I could barely sit in my desk chair at work today. I'm afraid he'd never be able to give me another injection again. And if we have to do IVF we've got a LOT of injections. Maybe I'll request the 1" needles next time...

Just out of curiosity, did anyone else have a funny infertility treatment situation? Let me know! We have to laugh at something during all this stress or we'd loose our minds.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. we do seem to be in the same boat right now. this is your third iui? did you already do it or is it this weekend? either way, GOOD LUCK!! hopefully we can celebrate together in a few weeks!

RDgirl said...

Thanks for the comment back :)
This is our fourth IUI, I wrote a bit about our hx in my most recent post, Officially Basted about the IUI we had this morning, so you can get the scoop. Good luck to you too for a sucessful cycle!!!