Monday, October 18, 2010


The beach has been an amazing distraction.  I really don't have any desire to test prior to beta because I just don't want to ruin my vacation.  I'd rather not risk seeing a negative screen and possibly spoil a beautiful cloudless day on the beach.  Especially knowing what happened with IVF#2 where I had negative tests up until my beta of 24.

On the symptom spectrum, I've been all over the place:

  • 7dp3dt (10dpo) Sunday - cramping mainly on the right side, nausea, (TMI) loose stools, but no bloating & has gone away almost completely, super sore bbs
  • 6dp3dt (9dpo) Saturday - mild cramping, sore bbs, constipation, bloating ultra nauseas and nearly lost my dinner over night, room was almost spinning.
  • 5dp3dt (8dpo) Friday - nausea in AM resolved with eating, same at lunch, sore bbs, constipation, bloating
  • 4dp3dt (7dpo) Thursday - abdominal bloating, constipation, twinges & pulling (possibly from constipation?)

The lack of bloating and loose stools has me really thrown while the other symptoms are encouraging.  So I really just can't tell one way or another.  One minute I will feel like it didn't work so I'll talk to my emby's to let me know if they are there and then end up with a ton of symptoms.  It could go either way people.  I just think the bloating being gone is the most concerning but then Hammer reminds me that PIO can either give you constipation OR diarrhea and that if I have the latter I wouldn't really be bloated like I was last time when I was contstipated the whole cycle.  *sigh*

I think all this thinking calls for some sunbathing...


Allison said...

Sending you many prayers and hoping you can really relax and enjoy your vacation!!! Relaxing can't do any harm, even though we all know it doesn't make you pregnant :)

Mandy said...

Don't worry, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and don't really have too much bloat yet. Some nausea, really sore boobs, and stuffy nose are my symptoms...but no bloat yet! Fingers crossed for you!!!!!

Amber said...

Thinking of you, can't wait to hear the results!!

Have a great rest of your vaca!!!

Project Baby said...

:) I am glad you enjoyed your beach trip. I need a beach But the beach is to far. :(

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself at the beech:) Still Hoping and Praying that you'll see bfp very soon!


kdactyl said...

I think your symptoms sound good....I would have the bloat come an go in those first several days so I wouldn't give that too much thought. I would even lose all symptoms completely for like 10-12 hours and feel totally normal and freak out only to be hit by nausea or really tender just enjoy your sunbathing and your beta will be here soon. I'm hoping and praying.


Amber said...

I agree, time in the sun sounds SUPER relaxing and help get your mind off of the 2ww! Enjoy the time with your hubby.