Monday, October 25, 2010

Many Thanks

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers of comfort.  We are, obviously, heart broken.  It's so frustrating to have done all of these treatments only to end with such certain finality.  I know that our issues with high DNA fragmentation make this situation a more likely outcome but it does not decrease the pain of another failure. 

While we will be taking some time to recover we will be moving on to adoption, possibly embryo adoption/donation and/or traditional domestic adoption.  Of course, just because you stop fertility treatments does not mean to stop trying and praying for a natural miracle.  We'll be exploring some other natural options as the adoption process can be long.  We have sp.erm and I do ovulate on my own so maybe with time we'll eventually have the right sperm meet the right egg...that is what happened with Hammer.  It took his parents 14 years before they conceived him and I can tell you that they were definitely not putting forth nearly as much effort as we have been. 

This blog will not end it will just change a bit.  I welcome you all to follow along with us as we continue to walk down this long and winding road to becoming parents.  You have been such a support system for me that I could not imagine continuing on this journey with out all of you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mr & Mrs Hammer


Tabitha said...

Still am and will continue to pray my dear! If our final IVF had not worked, embryo adoption was going to be what we looked into next, and domestic adoption as well. And of course they may still be in our future, so I look forward to following along and learning more about the process from you! Many Blessings as this new stage unfolds!!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Will also be praying for you as you continue down the road that leads you to your baby.

Huge hugs,

Ps. I Believe in Miracles!

Amber said...

Praying for direction and wisdom for you and dh. God has his perfect child/children already picked out for may be bio, or it may be through adoption. Praying for a renewed hope in being parents that failed ivf cycles can take away. I'm excited to read about how God will lead and bless you and your dh!!

Shannon said...

When I read your post on Friday, I actually wept because I wanted so much for that to be "it" for you. As Christians, we have to trust that His Plan is greater and that, in the end, it will all be worth it. I pray that you find peace and as you continue your journey towards His Plan, I promise to be here praying for you.

Ashley said...

Praying God will direct your steps and give you peace.

Mrs. Katia said...

Just want to wish you good luck, and I'll continue following as you make your way to parenthood. I think you have the perfect attitude and outlook about everything.

Also, you've probably heard this before, but maca (the South American root) shrank my cycles and kept me ovulating right on time — 28 days exactly. I know you've had anovulatory cycles in the past, so it might be something you'd like. The more often you ovulate, the greater your chances of having your miracle happen. Maca gave me lots of energy too! Also, try to keep Hammer on vitamin E alongside his multi. I feel like that made the difference for us.

Gosh, unsolicited advice is probably the last thing you want right now, but I'm just hoping the best for you guys.

Take care,
Mrs. Katia

kdactyl said...

I'm still heart broken for you, but so glad to see you have a plan to move forward to build your family. I will also continue to pray for your natural miracle to happen but also know there are so many ways to build a family. We were on our last IVF when we were blessed with a son...but for a 2nd child, we didn't even bother trying to use our own "goods" ... we were too old and had too much trouble the first time. After researching adoption, foster-adopt and embryo adoption...we settled on embryo adoption and will welcome our daughter in just 3 weeks. Please know there are so many ways to build a family and they are all special and wonderful. If your desire to carry your child is still very high...I give embryo adoption a big thumbs up and would be happy to share with you what I learned in my research.

Good luck and hang in there. I know it feels like starting over a bit, but sometimes new beginnings bring new hope and new blessings to our lives.


Mrs. Hammer said...

Hi Kdactyl - I'd love to hear your process through embryo adoption. I am really excited for the possibility to still carry a child. Let me know if you need my email address and we can discuss. Thanks so much for the offer.