Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sound Off!

Well I totally made more of the sounding than I should have but I've learned that Drs. also do soundings in different ways. And I also learned just how much more I LIKE my Dr! His many years of experience make for fabulous technique = very little pain. Thank you for the prayers!!! I was worried I wouldn't even get my own Dr. since they do rotation but today I was blessed with Dr. F's presence. That in and of its self made me feel more calm about the procedure. Plus my mom was able to come with me to to hold my hand. That part was neat because we were able to bring my parents into the IVF experience a little. The sounding was nothing more than a catheter that went into my cerv.ix and then all the way up to the top of my uterus. This measured the depth of my uterus and let them know the best place to transfer the embryos. There was no saline or anything like that involved. I had some cramping which made me feel a little nauseated but I had my mom there holding my had and a very gentle Doc operating the catheter. It was all good and I'm back to work without any lingering side effects. Yea!

I am worried about getting to the clinic on the day of the retrieval/transfer because they have shut down almost every entrance ramp in the area where we live to the freeway system that runs past our clinic. Today a 15 minute drive took me over 30 minutes because of all the traffic from people who had to find different ways to commute to work. As I was in my car trying to make it to my blood draw on time I started praying for help. I didn't know what I needed exactly, just that I needed help. Help to figure out how to make this work so that we will not have additional stress on some very important days. And then as I was talking to my mom after the appointment it hit me, we can stay at my parent's house the night before. They live off of the same freeway system further north and all their entrances and exits that we would need are free and clear AND the clinic is super close to their house! It's so awesome all these little things that He does behind the scenes for us.

And the best news today is that I am totally suppressed!!! And I have all sorts of little eggies just waiting to be stimulated. Our plan will continue as scheduled. On Saturday I will drop my morning shot of Lupron from 10 units down to 5 units. I will also add in one vial of Bravelle to my morning routine. Then at night I will give myself two more vials of Bravelle. We'll keep up this routine until next Thursday July 2nd when I have another u/s to see how many eggs I'm making. I will continue gentle yoga and chiropractic appointments (because we paid for them and they MIGHT actually be helping a bit). I have stocked up on Pow.eraid to help with the swelling but does anyone else have any other tips out there?

Current Meds: Lupron 10 units
Side Effects: intermittent nausea, burning and redness at injection site, moderate agitation, many HOT flashes, FATIGUE
Days Post Transfer: 0
# Eggs Transferred: 0
# Eggs Frozen: 0


osuraj said...

Ooh your getting so close! Glad to hear the mock transfer went well...that was not my favorite moment!

My one tip is to eat a TON of fiber during the process. All of the meds (esp. the pain meds) take a toll on your digestive system, and it will be a lot easier on you if you don't have one more thing to worry about.

We're thinking of you over here, can't wait to hear how all of your little follies progress. :-)

Shannon said...

Wow, Im so excited that you're getting close. I have been praying for you daily and have a great feeling about this.

Meant to be a mom said...

I can't believe its all happening so quickly. I'm so glad your cath didn't hurt. It sounds like all in all your doing well.
Still praying for you guys.

Hillary said...

Glad the sounding was easy and that your mom could be there for you! Congrats on starting your stims!