Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcomed Distractions

I've realized that if I think about how I feel right now I would tell you that I feel: off, out of sorts, not quite myself, a slight bit cranky...I think you get my drift.  So I've tried to come up with things that will be distracting for me and also help the time to pass by.  For starters, on Monday I declared to Hammer that I wanted to get sushi some time soon before I can't have it anymore.  Some people buy baby items, I gorge on not-for-pregos food - we all have our thing apparently.  I guess I got him so excited for sushi that on Tuesday he came home and said, "Let's not wait, we should go tonight."  And I looked up at him from my sleeve of saltine crackers and told him that it wasn't a good sushi day. So not a good day at all.  But yesterday I felt tons better and called him so we could take advantage of a no-pukey day.  Oh sweet sushi, how I will miss you - actually I better be able to miss you!  I made Hammer promise that if this IVF cycle failed he would by me three of my favorite sushi rolls and let me eat them all by myself (and they are humongous).
I think this weekend will also prove to be a fabulous distraction.  What with boat rides, fudge, horse drawn carriages, fudge, bike rides, fudge, lilac flowers in bloom, FUDGE!  We are taking our bikes up to the island so that we don't have to pay for rental and I can finally get my new bike out on the road for the first time this year!!!  It will make taking shots at 6am so much less of chore.
So as of today I only have 5 more BCP left to take.  And I figured out that I have 15 more days of Lupron at 10 units before the weekend where I go down to 5 units and start stimming.  So by next Tuesday I will be in the final week before starting my stims where you sit around and see if AF will make one last appearance (hopefully for the next 9 months!).  I need to think of some distractions to make the time go by fast that week, any ideas?
Current Meds: BCP (week 3), Lupron 10 units
Side Effects: intermittent nausea, burning and redness at injection site, sore bbs, moderate agitation
Days Post Transfer: 0
# Eggs Transferred: 0
# Eggs Frozen: 0



Allison said...

Are you crafty? I would start some sort of craft project that I could work on each evening...a sewing project, a scrapbook, knitting, cross-stitching... But I'm crafty like that :)

Thinking about and praying for you!!! Thanks so much for your dream interpretation the other day--that definitely help me think of them in a positive light.

Shannon said...

Distractions, hmmm...lets see: Start a new book, go shop for a pregnancy journal (this is the one and only thing I bought before I was pregnant and I was glad I did because I could start using it right away), try a new restaurant downtown, go to Easton, try something new like a Rock Climbing Wall at Vertical Adventures (so fun, plan a girls-wine night. Ok, Im out of ideas but I really hope the time goes quickly for you.

Always praying...

Hillary said...

I would start a good book -- one of those kind that you can't put down :) It sounds like you already have some great plans -- enjoy the sushi and fudge!