Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 days and counting till beta (5dp3dt or 8dpo)

I have been testing to keep track of whether my trigger shot is out of my system. As of this morning I finally got a negative test. Of course, I did get a negative test which then freaked me out. It would have been easier if the test just kept being positive. Why did I think this would be a good idea? It made sense in my head when I planned it all out except that I wasn’t loaded up on hormones at the time.

Yesterday I looked back on my ‘symptoms’ from last cycle to see if there were any similarities. (Yes I know a lot is the trigger and progesterone) In cycle one I had cramping on days 3-5dp3dt which went away after that. I’m not sure I could blame that on progesterone since it went away and let’s not forget that cycle one failed. I’ve had the cramping again with this cycle and it started at the same time (3dp3dt) and is continuing today. It’s hard not to read into anything. Just like last time the cramping was so bad last night I felt nauseous. It’s hard to know what is going on and since I’ve never been pregnant I don’t really know what to expect either.

My other symptoms have started to go away likely because of the decreasing trigger shot. I’m trying not to freak myself out and think I’m repeating last cycle all over again. It’s too early just yet. But how do I turn off my brain for the next 6 days?

I went online and consulted Dr. Google. He doesn’t help much and may only be making it worse. That and it’s a total distraction at work. Most women who had cramping ended up with a BFP but that was not the case last time for me and I worry maybe it’s my body rejecting my embies. What if my womb is just inhospitable? Ahhh, I wish I was at home right now so I could pull out my bible, curl up under a blanket and just seek out comfort in the Lord until next Tuesday.

Anyone else have a 3dt and has any insight? Or just any insight to put my poor brain to rest?


Dave and Elaine said...

Praying for you!

Astrid said...

Dr. Google is a tricky individual. I'd say it's still so early, try to keep yourself distracted 'til beta time. Thinking of you and hoping this is your cycle!

Brittney said...

Oh, that's so hard. I did the exact same thing! Dr. Google can drive you CRAZY...try not to consult it if you can:) I know how tempting it can be though.

I had a 3dt. I didn't get a positive until I was 7dp3dt (got negatives on days 5 and 6). The line was very faint at seven days though. I also had the same thoughts as you beforehand, because I'd had symptoms that lasted exactly one week post transfer and then completely went away, so I was convinced I wouldn't get a BFP. Even now I hardly 'feel' pregnant - just a little more tired than usual.

Hang in there. ((HUGS)) You've got the right thinking - Jesus can truly give you a peace like no other! He was my saving grace during my 2ww (and still is). Praying so hard for you, your DH, and your precious embies:)

Nicole said...

I did a 3dt the first time, but I think everyone has slight variations in theyr "symptoms". Actually, most of us don't really have much in the way of symptoms except the ones we magnify or make up because we're so obsessed about the HUGE LIFE CHANGE we're hoping for. Try not to read into every little thing. I almost laugh as I write that because it's nigh impossible.
DON'T GOOGLE!! It won't help because your body will react in it's own way. Some women have spotting and it's normal, for some it's bad. Google can't really tell you about YOUR body. I had cramping at first but then decided it was just from the bedrest and was more muscular/skeletal than gynecological. I got a BFP (but then m/c). I did no home tests because I was blindly obedient and they told me not to. Pretty much the only REAL symptom I had was going cRaZy with anxiety!
UGH. the 2ww is the worst part I think. I hope you can distract yourself. Let me know if you find anything that helps with the crazies- I'll be there myself in just a couple weeks :)

Nicole said...


JB said...

So close....wait to test until 12-14 days post retrieval. That's what my clinic had told me, anyway. Hang in there, just a few more days!

kdactyl said...

I had a 3dt and did the exact same thing you are doing now...I tested until it turned negative....and then for 2 days I was freaking out because it was negative....but on 7dpt...I got my very first, extremely faint line. The next morning I got another....and I basically tested every morning and every night until the day of my bloodwork...I have a great photo of all those tests. I even shared the photo with my RE and they have it posted in thier office because they thought it was hillarious. They called me a "cycle cheater". But...out of this I got my wonderful son. I had lots of cramping on and off from about 3-4 days after transfer...but then all the symptoms went away ...they would come and go and just drive me crazy. And then...the spotting began on the day of my I thought it was going to end in a m/c. BUT...apparently spotting is very normal in IVF patients because of the high doses of progesterone which totally fries your cervix and the fact that they disturb the utirine lining a bit during transfer. So...expect all these things to happen or is different for everyone.

Keep your faith high. God is wonderful and answers our prayers in various even though you are not at home under your sheets with your are still held tightly in His love and He knows what is best for you.

I know how hard it is in this dreaded 2ww when you have invested so much time, hope, emotion, money and physical discomfort to fullfil your dream and now you are tasked with just sitting around and waiting. Hang in there. Only 6 days until Beta!

I will be praying for you.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

My advice? Relax and try not to Google too much. Easy, right?

I know youre going crazy and this wait is unbearable. Id wait a day or two and test again, now that you know the trigger is gone. Good luck, hun! Im ready for your BFP post whenever you are. :)

Shannon said...

Thinking of you and praying like crazy!

Hillary said...

I was just in your crazy freak out place a few days ago...and, for me, it has gotten easier as I got closer to testing. Praying that once you work through this the next few days will be calmer. I am praying this cycle brings you your miracle!!!

Kerri said...

I don't have any IVF insight, but I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. 8dpo is WAYYY early to test and get a BFP so I wouldn't worry about the trigger line being gone. I know it's hard not to obsess about it though. Hang in there; you have a lot of people rooting for you!

Katie said...

I am sorry, I can't offer too much assistance because I was a 5dt BUT I do remember being CONVINCED that it didn't work, and I think right around this DPO, too?

Anyway, try and stay away from the good Doctor. You know he got his degree from the Evil Medical School . . . (said as I feverishly type something in google in another browser).