Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Spawkerwing Pineapple

So after work I went to my alternate acupuncturist for my pre-transfer treatment. And she is the epitome of classic Chinese acupuncture. It was awesome. As she was putting in all of the needles (one even in the top of my head!) she told me that this is like 'planting.' "Planting, really, " I say. Then she proceeded to explain,"Yes, today we are digging the hole. Tomorrow they will put the seed in the hole and you will come right back here for us to cover the seed." I loved the analogy and while I lay there I prayed and visualized the planting that would take place the next day. She then told me that I needed to go to bed early which kind of ruins the whole it's my birthday and I have the day off tomorrow but I'll do anything anyone tells me if it will help us get pregnant.

Afterward it was time for dinner and I had requested to go to a Jap.anese Stea.k House. I love them and hadn't been in a long time. On our way over I remembered that we needed to buy a pineapple as the core has bromelain in it which is good for implantation. I've read that if you eat it during the first few days of the transfer it can be helpful. We have such weird conversations with our spouses thanks to infertility, don't we. Anyway back to dinner. We have several stea.k houses in our area to choose from but I thought it would be fun to go to a new one. When we got there and were looking over the menu we noticed that several tables were celebrating birthdays. They would come out with a drum and dessert that had a sparkler in it. Hammer made sure that our waitress knew it was my birthday. At the end of a delicious dinner I heard drumming coming out of the kitchen and knew it was for me. As they approached the table I realized that the dessert was actually a quarter of a fresh pineapple! We had to laugh but no one else at our table knew what was so funny.


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope all goes well with the transfer

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Happy Birthday! I hope this transfer makes your birthday wishes come true!

Allison said...

Happy birthday!!! I'd love to hear your review of the restaurant you went to (and which one it was...)--we love those!

And I love the pineapple--I hope it does the trick for you :)