Sunday, July 19, 2009

Story Time, Again

Well we're still waiting for our beta to get our results so I thought I'd tell another story of 'us' to pass the time. One of my favorite stories is how we got our furbaby Moses. In July of 2006, a good friend of ours had decided to adopt a dog from from a local shelter. I went on to the local shelter website to see a photo of her dog and ended up looking around. I found THE CUTEST photo of a little white fluff they called Moses. I was completely smitten. I immediately called Hammer and directed him to the website to see the dog. I begged him to go and see the dog but he was hesitant. Plus we were going out of town on Saturday and it would be 'foolish' to adopt a dog and then leave the next day. He said that if Moses was still available on Sunday that we MAY go by and see him. Well Sunday rolled around and I checked again on the website - it appeared that he was still available. I tried and tried to call but could not get through so I begged Hammer to just go there and see. I had the paperwork filled out and check book in hand when we arrived there but...Hammer said, "You realize we aren't getting a dog today." Whatever, we were so getting a dog. When we met Moses he was so pathetic behind the cage bars and he licked our hands and wanted to get out to play with us. We went back to the front desk to ask to 'meet' him but the lady said that he was on hold for another family. I was crushed. I literally cried the whole way home and for several hours after. The next day (Monday) I was supposed to go out of state for a business trip but I checked one more time on the website. He was still listed as pending. Why hadn't he been adopted yet? I asked Hammer to check to see if he was actually available just one more time since I would be on the road all day. It wasn't till about 4 pm that day when I heard back from him and he told me that Moses had been adopted. That was it. He failed to tell me, however, that it was HE who adopted him. I went the next four days thinking we had lost the dog to another family. I had been so sure he would be ours that I had even printed off the photo of the dog and showed it to my coworkers while we were gone. On Thursday my coworker dropped me off back home and as I headed into the house Hammer called me upstairs to the loft. Sitting on the floor was Hammer with MOSES! I started screaming with happiness and even ran back down stairs to stop my coworkers to celebrate with us. I have the best husband (and puppy too!)

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NeNe said...

What a sweet story :) I'm so glad you have your little puppy and that your husband surprised you with him.

I bet you're super anxious and starting to freak out. I remember 3 days prior to testing I was a wreck of nerves. I hope you're doing OK and just know that I'm praying for you!