Sunday, January 11, 2009

And now we wait...

Well today at 9 am we had our final IUI. I have to say I was extremely happy, positive and relaxed even before going in. But to make it even better we had the absolute BEST SA results over the past 2yrs 8mo, 46 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is DOUBLE every past wash we've ever had! Hammer (what I'm going to call my hub from here on out, long story why for another day - but I am also going to change my ID to Mrs. Hammer) had started taking Fertil-aid which is a high potency vitamin for male infertility. He was actually extremely skeptical but I reminded him that of all the things I have to do for our family, all he's had to do is squirt in a cup a few times, so he can certainly take a vitamin. That was all it took, oh a promise that if it had no effect he could stop. I THINK it had a MAJOR effect, don't you? (#1 -26m, #2-17m, #3-13m, #4-27m,#5-46 million)

Looking back there have been good things that I can remember through all of this. Like how after our IUI's when they have you sit there for 5 minutes we've used that time to pray over the procedure. Today I also felt the Spirit telling me to pray for the other couples that were in the waiting room. I'm always amazed at how many people are there for the early morning IUI's. Each one of us desperately hoping that this would be the month. So I prayed for all of us to receive our miracles. I don't know their names or their stories but I know exactly what they have been going through and how much we all need prayer during this time.

And I'm so grateful for our RE who is an old colleague of my father. It's actually comforting to have someone as your advocate who has a personal connection to you. When I have come back after each failed IUI he speaks to me as a father figure and shares in our disappointment with gentleness and reassurement for the future. He literally holds my hand and says, "Let's make this one be the one," with a softness in his eyes like I was one of his own. That's just awesome. I also appreciate his knowledge as he has been doing this for years (and could actually retire if he wanted too) He does not mess around and does all his IUI's with clomid/hcg to ensure perfect timing. There is no clomid/OPK's in this office. If he's going to put you on drugs he's going to use the best way possible to ensure the most perfect timing; no guessing games. That way if 3-4 of them do not work he moves onto the next step. He is in the business of making babies not money which is great because we don't have a ton of money but we would like a baby!

So now I'm sitting here resting and laying on my left side because lefty had the best looking follicle on Thursday. I'm pretty sure that's the one that took off because when I ovulate from righty I usually feel it due to the endometriosis that was on that ovary. I didn't feel anything this time around. Please pray for this month that it will be successful. God has already been good to us with lefty and high SA numbers we just hope that He will also bring this month to completion = conception.

On a side note I wanted to give a shoutout to my new bloggy friend osuraj who delurked. Thanks for commenting! I've also added you to my blog roll.

Even though National Delurking Week has come to an end I'd still love to hear from those who silently read this blog. I would love to get to know you, add you to my blog roll and share in this crazy infertility journey together.


Dave and Elaine said...

Two questions about the vitamin your husband has been taking ...

1. How long has he been taking it?
2. How much does it cost?

Very curious!! :)

praying for you this month!

Hillary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouragement!!
I'm so glad your IUI went well today (yay for improved #'s!!), and what a wonderful RE you have. That sounds like such a blessing!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Hi Elaine,

We got the Fertil-aid just this month so he started taking it the week AF came. It's three pills a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. So his results doubled after 3 weeks, crazy! But add on top of that the fact that he had bronchitis and was on an antibiotic. So he wasn't even fully healthy. We got it for $30.00 at because they had free shipping. Its a one month supply and for the price you can see why we only were giving it one month.

Dave and Elaine said...

Thanks for the info!

osuraj said...

We had our IUI on Sunday too! I'll think positive thoughts for the both of us. :-)

I was pretty interested in the Fertilaid. I had always thought of it more for women, but it couldn't hurt to have husband take it, especially with the results you had this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

Allison said...

Thinking very, very positive thoughts for you guys and sending prayers!!! We had good luck with the FertilAid, too--I'm convinced that stuff works (we don't have numbers to back ours up, though). ((HUGS))

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

congrats on those numbers!!! i hope that makes ALL the difference and ends in a BFP!!