Monday, January 12, 2009

FertilAid for Men Information

Wow, I have had a ton of requests for information on FertilAid for Men (which Hammer took for 3 weeks and doubled his SA results! [26 mill to 46 mill])

I got it for $28.95 at because they had free shipping. Here is the direct link to FertilAid for Men. You take three pills a day at Breakfast Lunch and Dinner to saturate your absorption of essential vitamins and minerals that help make quality sperm. One bottle is enough for four weeks.

I bought the women's version but have not taken it yet because our IUI bypasses the whole quality mucus issue. It's on reserve if this month does not work because we will have one more month "au natural "in between if we need to start IVF. We will be buying more of this if we need too!

Oh and if you ladies want another great product for yourselves I would HIGHLY recommend Pre-seed, which you can also get for free shipping at or sometimes the manufacturer has good deals too. It's a sperm friendly lubricant that helps get your cervical mucus at the right pH, gives you MORE CM to get those boys up there, and my favorite side effect is that it's very, very comfortable to use (if you get what I'm saying [ahem]). If you are using it for IF, I recommend the 'you-fill' applicators to get it up where you need it in an amount that is right for your body. But they also have the tube for "other" uses.


Shannon said...

Thats good info! Im glad you had a good IUI and hope this is your cycle, Im praying like crazy for you!

Amytheststar3363 said...

Jeremiah 29:11 is such an inspiration in my life.Its been posted on my fridge for about a year now. Thank you for posting it on your site. My husband and I have been ttc for only 6 months now. You will be in my prayers.