Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well it's about time...

Aunt Flow finally arrive in full force yesterday. I was actually happy to see her and even more happy that she does not appear to be staying long. I put a call into my RE's office. We'll need to make an appointment for our first IVF consult and start the pre-cycle testing. This will be a long process for us since I will have to work around my travel for my job.

I talked to my manager about our IVF plans since our IVF cycle may fall during my coworkers trip that I am supposed to go on as a helper. My manager said not to worry about it because she'll get a back up person in line for me. She is SUCH a blessing!

Hammer and I also decided that we'd take this month off and do nothing but relax and keep taking those vitamins! I'm going to cash in a gift certificate for a massage that I received for Christmas this year. Oh how I need that. So hopefully after our consult meeting we'll know more about where we are headed. I'm almost done reading IVF for Couples and while I skipped over the middle part (It was all about interviewing RE's etc.) I did enjoy the book immensely.

I've also been doing really well with figuring out this knitting thing. So I'm thinking I might get to knitting those booties faster than what I thought. We'll see.

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Hillary said...

Enjoy your break cycle! It sounds like you have some wonderful things lined up :)