Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spreading Grace 014

1. The heater in my Honda - because it's in the single digits this morning
2. Goofing off at work - it really helps to pass the time
3. Yankee Candles - they make my whole house smell delicious
4. Homemade lasagna - mmmmm......
5. Playing in the snow with my dog
6. Coming in from the snow, drinking hot chocolate while sitting by the fire
7. Reading books in bed - I love being under the covers and reading an interesting book (right now it's IVF for couples)


Shannon said...

I love Yankee candles, too. Oh, Bed Bath and Beyond has their candles (very similar to Yankee IMO) on sale for 75% off until early next week. Just thought Id pass that tidbit on!

Shannon said...

Oops. I meant Bath and Body Works. Too many "B's" I always get them confused :)