Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spreading Grace 001-011

So some of my bloggy friends have started a 365 days of grace. Not only that but a good friend of my started a whole blog Jan 1 called The Thankful List where the entire purpose of her blog is to write about things she's thankful for each day. At first I thought, "whoa posting 5 things you are thankful for every day? Oh that's not going to be easy or, for that matter, last long." But what I realized is that by just reading the lists I've felt encouraged and that it has made me subconsciously think about things I'm thankful for, daily. Crazy how that works. So I've got some catching up to do, ok 5 things x 11 days post January 1 equals 55, yikes! Alright, maybe I'll just start as today being day one then.

1. Lefty (left ovary) - who finally decided she wanted to join the clomid party this month
2. 46 million - the biggest SA numbers for Hammer in almost three years
3. Fertil-aid supplements - just part of the reason why Hammer's numbers doubled this month
4. Nordicware microwave popcorn popper - I don't need oil or butter and can make whole kernel organic popcorn in less than 2 minutes! No more nasty microwave bag chemical butter for me. AND unlike the Redenbacher brand you don't have to buy popper inserts.
5. Penzey's Spices - Especially the Brady Street Cheese sprinkle that I put on my popcorn. If you are a great cook or even if you aren't a great cook this is the place for you. Their spices are wonderful AND they have spice blends that make everything taste incredible. Plus they have recipes using their spices so you can't go wrong.
6. A warm home on a snowy day
7. Gingerbread bagels at Panera - it makes a great pre-IUI breakfast treat
8. Diet Coke - I love you. God bless you Coke makers for having a caffeine free version for us IFers, now could you just make a caffeine free diet cherry Coke?
9. Down blankets - nuff said.
10. Planet Earth on DVD - we don't have cable (seriously) so these DVDs are awesome. Right now I'm watching lions attack an elephant. It's sad but also incredible that they were able to do so.
11. Facebook - I know, I know, but I've reconnected with so many friends who have moved away and keep up with them regularly.
12. The Vagispot - ok not it's real name but Hammer was playing around with the examination light today after our IUI and had me totally convinced that the brand name of the light was 'Vagispot.' I kept trying not to laugh, as I was afraid it would affect the sperm, but I couldn't help myself.
13. Questlabs - the new lab I had to go to because the one by my doc's office is not covered by my insurance. Apparently it's 2 exits away from my home which is closer than the doctor's office, sweet!
14. Questlabs lab tech - just the nicest person who spends all day in this tiny little lab but is as kind and happy as can be.
15. Casual Fridays - breakout the jeans!
16. Leftovers - oh so good food that I means I don't have to cook on Friday night
17. Watching movies on a Friday night with Hammer
18. Sleeping in on Saturdays
19. 5pm Saturday service - I can go to church still have Saturday night to go out and sleep in on Sunday (except this Sunday due to the IUI)
20. Sunday afternoon naps
21. Soup on a cold day - ain't nuthn' better
22. The smell of homemade bread - I made a focaccia bread this week, yummy!
23. Moses kisses - our dog's licker just does not stop.
24. - where I can watch my favorite shows online when I miss them on their regular nights (this happens frequently)
25. Yoga class - they just started a yoga class at my work this past Friday which I signed up for, it's not fertility focused but every little bit counts
26. Chinese takeout - not only is it tasty but I usually have enough for two more meals
27. OSU football - yep, I'm a Buckeye fan and former graduate. I wish my boys would have won but we certainly did better than the last two years.
28. New friends - I got to have dinner (Chinese) with a girl from our church and it was fun getting to know her. Her husband is also in Hammer's band (he's a drummer)
29. That I don't have to watch college football on Fox anymore - seriously they do a horrible job covering football, please ESPN win the contract next year!
30. Thirty things to be thankful for - I'm over halfway there!
31. Time off work - I loved my long weekends when I took off the day after New Years. I haven't taken too many because I've been saving up for maternity leave, hopefully
32. DVD shrink - allows us to put our movies onto our ipods so I can watch them while working out
33. This American Life podcast - absolutely one of the best podcasts ever. An hour long series of short stories on a variety of topics that are quite entertaining.
34. Dinner with my brother - on the spur of the moment he was able to come over for dinner last Tuesday
35. Old friends - we got to hang out with a good friend of ours last Saturday
36. Talented friends - while hanging out with our old friend we got to hear another one play at a local bar (she is VERY good)
37. Needed distractions - #35 & #36 helped me to forget the side effects of clomid for a few hours
38. Never having to go on clomid again!!!
39. - a great site where I've been working on compiling my mother's recipes into a hard bound book.
40. Fourty things to be thankful for!!!!
41. 2008 being OVER - it was a long and difficult year. My husband's uncle lost his battle with cancer and my uncle was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Not to mention infertility and turning 3-0.
42. My crockpot - I love it and I love coming home to dinner already cooking and ready to eat. I've already used it twice in 2009
41. The blog, "A Year of CrockPotting" which has fed my crockpotting addiction
42. High fructose corn syrup free Total cereal - they finally removed the yucky HFCS so I can buy it again. It's a multivitamin in a bowl, oh yeah.
43. Cloth grocery bags - I get in and out of the store with only two bags instead of 10 plastic ones, they stay up right in my car and save the environment. Plus the baggers at the store love them too!
45. $0.30 off of gas at Kroger - thanks to double gift card points at the holidays!

Whew! 45 things, I thought I'd try but I never thought I'd get THAT far! Now I'll just add 2 things to each day for the next 5 days and I'll be all caught up!

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Hillary said...

I love the list and could relate to sooo many on your list. I wish we had a panera, that gingerbread bagel sounds delicious!!